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I walk to my balcony wondering why I'm the Twilight Princess. Lets face it, I not super mannered, I hate signing my name on almost every paper handed to me and I long for adventure. I looked down into the square where there was many Twili, tall, short, skinny, fat, you name it. My people are peaceful but there's no adventure in this land. That's what I miss about Hyrule. The monsters, the challenge. That's when the light appeared. At first I thought I was halusinating, but there it stood. A portal with a moon symbol in the middle. "Here goes nothing" I said outloud. I stepped in.

When I was able to see again, I found myself in a field, quite like Hyrule's yet it seemed to be a perfect ring. In the middle of the ring, I saw a big city. I thought I would start there to get more information of what's going on around here.

"Hey you! Orange hair, grey-blue skin!"
I turned around to see a man, about 50 years of age, comming my way.
"Would you be interested to cone to the Carnival of Time?"
He said. I wasn't sure if I should trust him so I said-
"Maybe, I haven't made up my mind yet," Thankfully the man left after that. I then saw a booth saying- NEW INFORMATION FOUND ABOUT THE FORBIDDEN CITY OF GOLGIN!!! Sounded interesting enough. I asked the lady about the city and she said that it was the city where all Divine lived. By "Divine" she meant Deities and Gods. I heard it was somewhere near the Ikana Cayon supposedly. I started to head toward the barron landscape.

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