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As Link walked down the stairs to his and Zelda`s room, a guard intercepted him and told him he`d seen a strange man that looked like him.

Allright I`m going to look by myself.You can go back to your post. Link told him.

Yes Sir! Did the guard replied.

Zelda was waiting on her bed for Link to come and she was getting worried about the time he was taking. Even if she was used from Link to be long but...It was way too long for her to keep waiting like that. She stood up and went to the door, but then she heard a cracking behind her.

Zelda turned back then she saw him...The man who Link told her about...A dark man with red eyes stood before her and smirked at her surprised face. She drew her sword out and asked the strange man who he was.

Your asking me who I am???So...You don`t even recognise your husband? Did the man said.

Your not my husband you filthy beast! She replied.

A guard who heard the conversation knocked at the door and asked if everything was allright.

No please help me guard! Zelda screamed. Bring me Link!

Yes Princess Zelda! The guard says.

Hurry up! She added.

But the guard already went away.

The other "Link" drew his sword and Zelda noticed that it was similar to the Master Sword but in a darker way.

Wait a second...You are Dark Link!??

Hehehehee!You finaly recognise me little girly princess!

WHOOSH!!! Zelda slashed the arm of Dark Link.


Thats for callin` me "girly"! Zelda told him.

 You`ll pay for that you bitch!

Another WOOSH could be heard as the true Link litteraly cutted one of Dark Link`s legs off.

A FWWOOOHSH could be heard as Dark Link vanished saying something like:


I dont think so you damn demon. Link answered to himself.

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