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Today was the birthday of Prince Ganondorf Dragmire. All royalty and non-royalty were invited to the Gerudo Castle.

Link and his sister-in-law Zelda asked their parents if they could get to go there.

Hummm...did you little guys cleaned up your room correctly this morning?

Yes dad, did they said.

Come on dear, let them go. It was their mother: the Queen of Hyrule.

Hmmm alright go on kids. Have fun...

Their father had an hard time during the past weeks. His brother and his kids died in their house by the cause of burning.

So the kids went to the party and brought jewelry to the prince.

During the party, Ganondorf went to Zelda and started chatting with her.
A couple minutes later, Link went to Ganondorf's parent and politely asked them if their son had a girlfriend.

Oh well maybe that your "sister" will be his third. Ahhahahah!

That was Deruna Dragmire, Ganon's brother.

Stop it! his father said. Actually he is right...but even there is no joke to do with that...I do not think my son would try to drag her...Such a pretty young girl...

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