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Link logged in

Saria logged in

Link: Hello Saria.

Saria: Hi Link! How are you?

Ganon logged in

Sheik logged in

Zelda logged in

Ganondorf logged in

Link: Yea thank you! How did they got in?

Zelda: We saw your chatroom Link xD

Link: What is xD?

Ganon: It's like lol.

Ganondorf: It's like lol.

Navi logged in

Link: What is lol?

Navi: Oh wow Link you don't know what lol means!?

Link: No, should I?

Sheik: Well duh!

Zelda: Hey Sheikyy!

Sheik: Hey sis'

Saria: Wait... Sheik is Zelda's brother?

Navi: You didn't know?! Ahahah!! And BLABLA BLABLABLA BLA BLABLA BLA BLA...

Rauru logged out

Rauru logged in

Rauru: Sorry I crashed!!

Saria: Huh Rauru? Were you spying on us?

Rauru: No don't worry Saria.

Saria: Ok... Well then!

Saria banned Rauru from this chatroom.

Link: What does /1RU5 means please??

Rauru: It's Virus in L33T language.

Saria: Didn't I ban him?

Zelda: Yep

Ganon: You did

Ganondorf: You did

Rauru: Well Saria, as you can see, I'm the host of the HyruleanChatroomService so I can see everything from every chatrooms!


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