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Author's Note: I have way too much free time on my hands, and I'd apprieciate some reviews. As for some bad grammer, I'm normally good at spelling, but when I upload all chapters and get reviews, I'll edit this parody. Enjoy!
Link stirred, and fell on the rug teeth first. "That looked painful, like soup on a stick, someone commented. "You have no idea," Link stammered before looking at the rediculous bunny outfit. "I'm Ravio. Found you mumbling smething about a Ghirahim and fish sticks up your ass. Seemed pretty weird, if you asked me," Ravio explained, uncomfortable with the weird looks from Link. "How did you know this is my house! Wait, you fixed my late wife's gift, right? Please tell me you did!" Link ried . "Say what? There was a sign that read VACANT," Ravio replied. Link's eye twitched at the mention of a VACANT house that was his. He was even more pissed when he saw some old people playing checker and and an artist getting paint all over Allyssa's fish bowl. "GULLEY NELSON RUTHERFORD THE 48 I WILL STICK MAJORA'S MASK UP YOUR ASS!" Link screamed. "THEN I'LL RIP YER EYEBALLS AND DROWN YOU IN YOUR OWN TEARS!" Gulley screamed back from halfway across Hyrule. Flute Boy was quiet. Ingo was quiet Mario was quiet. Igos Du Ikana was quiet. Sven, picking a lock with Kristoff, was quiet. Davy Jones was very loud. Ravio, afraid that this Gulley would tear out his eyeballs, threw a bracelet at Link, and even though Link saw it coming it sent him propellig towards the wall, smashing hs skull and breaking the wall. The old man winning the game of checkers looked up, and went back to the game, which his companion had won. " Dammit bitch," he swore. Link looked up at Ravio and muttered something about Kingdom Hearts and his left hand. "Your paying for my wall and hospital bill!" Link yelled at Ravio.Link decided to report the drunk locals to Princess Zelda when he noticed a weather vane. He saved, and made his way to Hyrule Castle.

I'm wondering if this should be rated R

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