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Chapter 4: Princess Zelda Author's Note: My dear readers, I apologize for all the Frozen references. I have watched the movie recently and can't get it out of my head. Also, I'll be updating not because of reviews, but because I'm doing it out of the goodness of my heart. I don't own the Legend of Zelda.

After he was done with his weather vane, Link was ready to report Ravio to Princess Zelda, he needed to take a shit, but after seeing that one of the old women was masturbating with his toilet, he went to go shit in the bushes. After wards, he headed for Hyrule Castle, but noticed the gates were closed. He went to the side of the castle, where he found a Piece of Heart, but no entry. He kicked the wall, and it came toppling down. Sirens blared all over Hyrule as police cars and ambulances rushed towards Hyrule Castle. Link took advanatage of this and climbed up a wall. He noticed that no guards were on duty, and opened a door. The guards in this hall were gone, and also in the main room. He noticed a door with a Triforce mark, decided it was abathroom to wipe his ass, an went through. However... "EEK! How the hell did you get in here?" Zelda yelped when she saw Link. "The guards let me in after I broke a wall," Link declared. Zeld, muttered something about Shigeru Miyamoto and investing in ice, and threw an emerald green pendentat Link, which his nose broke. Link decided to visit his grandpa when he looked outside and saw strippers. "I have sudden urge to go graverobbing!" Link screamed on an unrelated note. A nearby guard grabbed him, attached a latern, and threw him at his grandpa Sarhasla's house, which smashed his computer. "Dammit Link, your granma got this for me. Go get Osfala and tell him he took my sand rod and I want it back," he scolded. "Okee Dokee Gramps," Link replied with a three year old voice. Sarhasla facepalmed and wondered wy his son married a box of markers.

Another chapter.

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