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"Zelda do you have your backpack." Ike screamed.Ike was Zeldas servant He had beautiful blue hair and Brown eyes.He was only 2 years older than Zelda but still very grown up for his age.Ike had always loved Zelda but was to afraid to tell her but anyway she was engaged to Marth Blood a noble man's son and Ike was just a servant.Today the royal couincal had allowed Zelda to go to Hyrule Academy.She was very excited.Once Ike told her she nearly kissed him in joy.Which Ike would not mine.Zelda is one cute 7th grader she has beautiful blond hair and the most prettiest purple eyes you had ever seen her father having brown and mother blond. Hair her older brother Theo has dark Brown.Theo is out of high school and is in collage he gave up the thrown so he could study to be a doctor that's what he really wants to do.So now Zelda is heiress of the thrown in a couple short years.Zelda wants to become queen so she can make the world a better place that's what her parents always wanted.

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