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The Link of love's lost sage
Chapter 1

After a long battle with the evil king Ganon, link was about to head back to his own time, but....
Zelda, I want to stay with all the friends that I have made here in the future is there any possible way to let me stay? Link asked the surprised Princess Zelda, I could try to pull some strings...but I don't know link. Zelda said to the saddened link, oh well thanks for at least trying Princess Zelda. Link told the still young princess, she sighs, you can stay Link,Zelda said to Link and he rushed and hugged her, thank you, he said happily, no problem Link, she gave him the same smile like always.

A few months pass and everything is going great and they have started rebuilding as a adult Link is seen riding off in Hurdle fields and has a great smile on his face.
Time to go see Saria my best friend and a sage, link thought to himself as he rode Epona towards the entrance of Kokiri forests' entrance, he yawns and dismounts his trusty stead and friend.

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