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Chapter 1: Like an animal

“Why Ivee, fancy seeing you here!” Link cheered. Looked like he wouldn't be alone tonight, as he had hoped. She was here. She said she’d be here, and she really was. This girl, who he’d taken a liking to these last couple of weeks, could she really fall for someone who’d be away a lot, someone who’d sworn loyalty to the princess? He had to admit that Ivee was nothing like the princess. The princess’ beauty was beyond compare, but too much in a doll like kind of way. Ivee at the other hand was cute, and playful; the kind of girl who liked to climb up trees as a kid. He liked her quirkiness and her tomboy kind of attitude.
And also, Zelda wasn't here right now. Ivee was. Like, in the flesh. Flesh of which he knew it was very warm and willing.
“Kyaa! Dammit, Link, would you take that off?!” Ivee gasped, slapping Link’s shoulder with the confidence of someone who’d been cozy with him before. Like, really cozy. Earlier that day, they had agreed upon this secret midnight rendez-vous. Wasn’t the first time they’d met up like this either.
She’d told him before that she liked these midnight strolls. Fewer people around. Fewer people to catch them together. But walking around aimlessly without knowing when or where to meet each other was a bit stupid after all. The sooner they could meet up, the more time they could spend together before daybreak. That’s why they had decided to meet up near the shrine behind Link’s house. People didn’t go there. They were afraid of that shrine, thinking it would suck them in. Ivee wasn’t. She thought it was rather exciting.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” Link said, quickly taking off his Dark Link mask. “I just got this from Kilton. It makes me quicker at night.”
“And it scares off innocent virgins like me!”
“You’re not a virgin!” Link snorted.
“Shush!” Ivee hissed under her breath. “I am if I ever want to find a husband around here.”
“Even after 100 years, this place is still so conservative?”
“Yup. Better not let anyone catch me when I sneak out of your house tomorrow. Especially not that gossiping hag, Nikki. She’ll tell my mother straight away.”
They walked in silence for a moment, enjoying the crisp night air. Ivee was so happy that fate had sent such a handsome, eligible young man to come live in their village. And that it had enabled him to rescue this beautiful house. She had always liked this house. She’d have found it such a shame for it to be torn down.
Link opened the door to his house and ushered her in. No need to light lanterns. The Great Flame Blade and Fire Rod being showcased on his walls provided just the right amount of intimate light.“Or you could just marry me,” he suddenly said.
“You? I thought you were into the princess,” Ivee said, toeing off her boots.
“Isn’t princess Zelda dead?” Link carefully queried. “I mean, I did see the King of Hyrule in a vision, asking me to protect his daughter. But the events he was talking about are from 100 years ago. So surely, she cannot still be alive. I’m absolutely positive that I was the only one who woke up in the Shrine of Resurrection.”
“Maybe there’s still another Shrine of Resurrection somewhere,” Ivee suggested. “Within the castle or so, which you can only reach once Calamity Ganon’s defeated? Who knows, she might be sleeping somewhere, awaiting the return of her Hero.”
Link thought about it for a moment. “I do hear a female voice every now and then. Obviously, I don’t remember the sound of her voice, but yeah… Maybe...” He scratched his head and thought some more. “But even if she would be alive, she’s my superior. I mean, obviously I care for her deeply. But not in that kind of way. More like, in a servant kind of position. No no, princess Zelda is off limits.”
Ivee felt her heart skip a beat. Now, this was an interesting bit of info. She wondered, what Link had told her just now… About marrying him… Maybe it wasn’t in jest. She didn’t dare ask him if he was for real. It being a joke would’ve stung too hard.
Besides, when the time was right, she wanted a decent proposal. With ring and all.
“So yeah, I don’t really think of her in such a way,” Link continued. “You know… romantically.” Sexually. “I have way to much respect for her.”
“Respect? Just… excuse me for a moment,” Ivee guffawed, unceremoniously grabbing Link between his legs.
“What the…?”
“Sorry. Just had to check if your balls were still there.”
“Are you questioning my manliness?”
“Never.” She’d been joking, of course. Link wasn’t only popular for his looks and his striking blue eyes. He really was very considerate towards the fairer sex. She’d never forget how kind and patient he had been with her during their first time together.
Chuckling, Link took two cups out from a cupboard and poured himself some Noble Pursuit. “I got this from over at the Gerudo’s. You want some too? It’s good.” He took the bottle of Noble Pursuit and both their cups, and sat himself down at the table. He invited Ivee to do the same, and so she did.
“Sure,” Ivee smiled. They both new that Noble Pursuit wasn’t what she had come for. But it was okay. This stalling and flirting back and forth was part of their foreplay. She watched Link while he was enjoying his drink. Poured himself another. She rubbed up his leg with her foot. A bit higher each time. He let her, and she sighed blissfully. Only ten more minutes or so, and she would be between the sheets with this gorgeous boy. And yes, she was aware of the fact that he might’ve had others, all over the kingdom. But she liked to believe that she was his favourite. It sure felt that way when they were getting it on.
“What?” Link murmured, as he caught her staring at him.
“You’re pretty,” Ivee smiled. “Especially for someone whose been sleeping for 100 years.”
Link smiled in return. “It’s magic.”
Ivee replied with a lovedrunk grin of her own. She took another slow sip from her drink, savouring the sweet taste and the slight sharpness from the alcohol. “By the way, where were you the other day? I woke up and you were gone. That’s so not like you!”
“Ah yeah, sorry ‘bout that. I got summoned again. Happens a lot. Up until then, it had never happened while you were around, though.”
Ivee scrunched up here nose. “Summoned?”
“Yes, quite inconvenient when I’m right in the middle of something. I don’t know what causes it or who does it, but it’s like someone is controlling everything I do. Someone, somewhere, in an alternate universe or something. Just out of nowhere, I suddenly get transported to where I last was when they stopped controlling me, and they make me do all kinds of things. You know, the first time I spoke to you, that wasn’t even me. I mean- it was me, of course, but they steered me to the shop and made me talk to you.”
“What?” The foot going up his leg stopped. “They made you talk to me?”
Link carefully reached for her hand. “Are you angry? You look angry.”
“No, I’m not angry. Just… confused.”
“Oh. Okay. ‘Coz, I’m glad they made me talk to you. I thought you were really cute the moment I saw you.”
Ivee smirked. “You’re such a smooth talker.”
“I mean it. And your foot has stopped.”
“Sorry.” The foot went up again. She wouldn’t fight with Link. This would lead to something good for her as well. Fighting with Link would be a very bad idea right now, a little voice inside her head decided. “So, what else do they make you do?”
Link suddenly gasped and squirmed on his seat. Ivee was doing some pretty interesting stuff with her foot between his legs.
Ivee grinned as she tickled his privates with her toes. She briefly squirmed on her seat as well. Ever since she’d set foot in this house, her juices had started flowing. Link just had that kind of effect on her.
“You know, fight… Mmh, that’s nice. Fight monsters. Swing heavy weapons around at them. Climb rocks, and mountainsides, and buildings. Even while it’s raining and everything’s slippery. It makes me slide down again, but they keep on making me climb. It hurts. They don’t seem to care.”
Ivee’s mouth had fallen open. “That’s brutal!”
“It doesn’t stop there,” Link continued. “Sometimes they make me go to freezing or sweltering areas while I’m not dressed properly for that kind of climate. Or they make me drown. Or let me fall in bottomless pits or lava. I also get electrocuted or frozen solid from time to time.”
“Yikes. But… you seem to look fine, nevertheless.”
“Oh yeah, they also send me to a Great Fairy every now and then. There are four of them. Have you met one of them? Scary women, they are. But I can find fairies there that patch me up with their healing powers, so that’s nice. Or I get to sit in an onsen, or sleep in a bed, that also makes me feel better again.”
“But you said that you get dropped in lava or bottomless pits. I can’t believe you’re still alive.”
Link pulled up his shoulders. “Again, magic. And it’s not just the physical aspect of it all. Sometimes, they make me wear women’s clothes. Or make me do trials in my underwear!”
“At least that doesn’t hurt.”
“It’s humiliating! What do they take me for?”
“My poor darling.” It was now Ivee who reached for Link’s hand in a comforting gesture. “I feel so bad for you.”
“Meh...” Link shrugged. “All that running and rock climbing got me my body, though.”
“Hmm, very true! Speaking of which...” Ivee slowly slurped from her drink, her eyes dreamily glazing over. “Think you could put on that Barbarian stuff again? You look so good in that.”
“Oh, really?”
“Hmm, yeah...” Ivee said in a low voice. The Barbarian Armour just screamed sex to her. “Those shorts just drive me crazy. And the body paint… Rawrr...”
Link chuckled. “Okay, I’ll go change,” he said, heading upstairs. He took the Great Flame Blade with him, so he could see.
Ivee rubbed her hands together and giggled with anticipation. She quickly finished her drink and followed Link upstairs. That’s where they would end up anyway. By the time she got there, Link had already changed, bodypaint and all.
“How did you put on that bodypaint so quickly?”
“It automatically appears when I put the clothes on. You know, as part of the set.”
“Hmm, I like it, I like it!” Ivee cheered, sidling up close to him and gliding her hand along the one on his belly. “Especially this one here.” She hotly breathed into his ear as she followed the pattern down, and then suddenly stopped.
“You...” Ivee made a funny little noise, sneaking a peek under his shorts. “You wear nothing under these?”
“Of course not. My briefs are longer than these shorts. That would just look ridiculous.”
Ivee’s funny little noise turned into a funny little laugh. This playing around had taken long enough. She had to have him now. “You get onto that bed right now, Mister Hero,” she growled, starting to shove Link towards his bed.
Link laughed as he was pushed onto the bed and Ivee pulled off his boots. She was seriously going for it now. He watched as she stripped for him, and reached for the horns on his head to take off his Barbarian Hood.
“No, don’t take it off,” Ivee quickly said, and then she sultrily moved over to the bed. “Only the shorts.” Quite essential for what they were about to do. “It looks so good on you. Like an animal.” She waited for him to get rid of the shorts and then straddled him. She paused for a moment, looking him up and down with greedy eyes, as if she didn’t really know where to start. Then she growled hungrily. “You’re so fit. Fit, but not burly. Exactly my kind of guy.” She inhaled deeply through her nose. His manly scent made her head spin.
Sensing her urgency, Link manoeuvred himself on top, a bit awkwardly given the size of his bed.
“You need a bigger bed,” Ivee stated.
“I know,” Link agreed. “I’ll ask Bolson if I see him. He might do it for a wink and a smile.”
“You’re such a slut.”
“A slut who’s gonna save Hyrule.”
Once they were settled, he nestled his hips against the warm haven between her thighs. And even though both their bodies were burning with desire, now it was Link’s turn to pause, gazing down upon Ivee’s face in a warm, almost loving way. He lowered his head, careful to avoid hurting her with the sharp horns while his lips slowly gravitated towards hers. It was a tight fit, but her face fit in between them just about. Ivee sure was living on the edge with her kinky preferences.
“Do you look like that to all of them?” Ivee said, just before his lips touched. The little voice inside her head went ballistic. What did we just agree upon, she heard it shriek. It was too late now. She’d blurted it out. Come what may.
“What? All of who?” Link asked, confused.
Ivee shrugged. “While you’re out and about throughout Hyrule, surely, you must often feel the need to… you know… Relieve your stress.”
“You think there are others?”
Ivee nodded hesitantly.
“Ivee, I can fast travel. I can be here in the blink of an eye. Whenever I feel the need to relieve stress, I come to you.”
She stared up at him, seeking for any trace of dishonesty in his eyes. She didn’t know if she could believe him. But right now, she would’ve believed anything. “You mean it?”
Link laughed softly. “Honestly, you think I’d want to get it on with a Zora?”
Ivee blinked and shook her head at the mental image of Link in the arms of a Zora. “You’re right. What was I thinking? I’m sorry. Forget I said anything.”
“Already forgotten.” Well, he couldn’t blame her, could he? He was aware of the way he looked.
He dipped his head down for a second attempt, and this time there were no objections, only little sighs of approval. While his tongue was caressing Ivee’s, his hand slid up to cup her warm, soft breast. He gently started massaging it and started playing with the rosy, tender nubbin, circling his thumb over it.
“Hn… that feels so nice,” Ivee mumbled into his mouth, burying the fingers of one hand into the mane of his Barbarian hood. She moaned loudly as she felt Link swelling against her entrance. She was so ready for him.
She was not ready for what she heard next.
“Oh, you have got to be kidding me! Man, fuck my life!”
“What? What is it?” Ivee moaned. Her eyes fluttered open, and then her face changed when she saw the blue glow surrounding Link. “Oh no! You’re...”
“Yup. I’m being summoned,” Link said, hastily putting on his shorts. “Why? Why now?”
“N-no! You cannot do this to me!”
“Believe you me, I’m not doing anything! It’s them!” He was turning a transparent blue, and quickly grappled for his boots and... Sheikah Slate? Oh, already on his hip. Neat. Next thing he knew, he started floating in mid air. “I’m so terribly sorry!” was the last thing she could hear him say.
And poof, off he was.
The scream that followed could probably be heard outside Link’s house and far beyond.
“You JERK!” That was directed to the one who had summoned Link, who and where ever he was. Not to Link. Never to Link.
She had a little tantrum, naked, on the bed, and then she flopped down again. Closing her eyes, she counted to ten and took a few deep, cleansing breaths.
She had no right to complain. She was on Link’s bed. On Link’s bed. Permittedly. She covered herself with the blanket and inhaled deeply, wrapping his scent all around her. Other girls could only have a whiff of this while he was talking to them. If they were lucky. And if he didn’t happen to reek of horse or muddy swamp water. And while Link was not here right now, it slowly started sinking in that she really was the fortunate one. Asking him if he had others in the middle of their love game had definitely been very bold and risky. Instead of being zapped away with the intention of coming back to her as soon as he could, he might as well have kicked her out. But now that Zelda was out of the picture as a rival… You know, imagining that this might actually go somewhere should bring some more joy to her endless daily sweeping job and, well, life in general.
Ivee nodded to herself. In the future, every time she would doubt him, she would picture him with a Zora.

To be continued...

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