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Don't worry guys. This is just the begining.

Times in Hyrule were prosperous. There had been many celebrations in Hyrule Castle town lately. The King and Queen were celebrating the birth of their daughter, Princess Zelda. The townspeople had been treated to a feast at the castle on the day of Zelda’s birth. Now decorations filled the town. Pink and white flowers decorated even the alleyways. It was a joyous time.
It was the happiest time of Brone’s life. But this had nothing to do with the Royal Family’s good fortune. His beautiful wife Lita had just given birth to twin boys, named Link and Kane. Brone was a castle guard. Even he wasn’t of high ranking he was liked by all. Even the King himself was fond of Brone. He was always smiling or telling a witty joke.
Brone’s patrol was over and he was headed home. He had bought Lita beautiful flowers. Roses and daisies adorned the bouquet. He approached his house. It was a quaint place. A nicely tended garden was out front. He opened the door.
“Shh,” Lita whispered. “I just put the boys to sleep. I don’t want them waking up again.”
“Alright I’ll be quiet. I brought you these,” he handed her the flowers. “You know they’re not as beautiful as you are.”
“You flatter me, my love.”
He wrapped his arms around her. “I love you...” A thunderous smash sounded in the distance.”
“What was that,” Lita was the first one to react. Her Sheikah blood made her that way.
Brone didn’t answer her. He opened the door and went outside. A horrible sight met his eyes. There was a huge fire near the castle. Flames towered high and licked the castle walls. He ran back inside.
“I know you have to go... Brone... be careful.”
He kissed her on her forehead and ran towards the castle. As he drew closer he could hear screams. There was no apparent way to get inside the walls. The fire covered the great wooden door. There were no other guards in sight. He glanced around and his eyes fell upon the moat. Diving into the water he began to swim. He spotted a hole in the wall a foot above the water. He surfaced and grabbed the ledge. His fingers kept slipping. When he got a firm hold he pulled himself up onto it and he squeezed through the small hole.
He still heard the screaming. “Who’s there!” he called. Still he saw no one. He entered the main hall of the castle. The screams grew louder. He flew up the steps and entered the throne room. There on the floor a woman lay. A skeleton monster with a sword stood over her. Brone dispatched the monster fairly easily. Only two slashes with his sword took it down. Brone picked up the woman. He noticed a Triforce symbol that adorned her crown.
“My queen...” he gasped.
“It’s too late for me...”
“No it’s not... I’ll get you out of here.”
“You must save yourself.”
“What has happened here Milady...?”
“It was g... gan... gan...” Then she was silenced. The Queen of Hyrule died.
Brone laid her body on the floor. He turned and left. He left the castle the way he entered.
Lita saw as the fire spread to the town. She gathered her crying sons and carried them out of the house. Brone was running towards her.
“We must leave.” She called.
“Come with me to the stables.” Lita followed Brone. But she couldn’t run that fast because of the two children. Brone stopped her. “Here let me take Kane.”
The knight’s stables were far enough from the castle that they didn’t catch on fire. Brone took a night black horse. He brought out Lita’s snow white horse, named Sheik. Lita and Brone mounted their horses and raced towards the town gates. It was almost nightfall. After crossing the drawbridge a group of Redeads stood in their way. They emitted a horrible shriek. Sheik was a very reliable horse, trained by the Sheikah; it had no problem with the zombies. Brone’s horse on the other hand started to buck and Brone almost fell off. He had only one hand to hold the reins, for Kane was in his other arm.

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