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A long time ago

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Disclaimer: These characters and places etc. belong to
Nintendo, no money is being made through this story! Don't sue me Nintendo!

Author's note: This story is strictly following the lines of Ocarina of Time; if you have not played the game or don't want to know the plot, please don't read this and spoil the game if you intend getting it. Otherwise please enjoy it! :)

The adventure begins

A long time ago . . .

Before life began; before the world had form, three golden goddesses descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule. They were Din, the goddess of Power, Nayru, the goddess of Wisdom, and Farore, the goddess of Courage.

Din with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the spirit of law to the world. Farore's rich soul created all life forms that would uphold the law.

These three great goddesses returned to the heavens, leaving behind the golden sacred Triforce. Since then the Triforce has become the basis for Hyrules providence. Where the Triforce stood became the sacred land.

In the vast deep forest of Hyrule the great Deku tree serves as the guardian spirit.

A fairy flew around the Kokiri forest searching for "the boy without a fairy". Seeing a tree house that was unique, she flew towards it only to crash head on into a fence. After shaking herself and regaining her senses, she flew into the house to see a small boy of 10 years, lying on the bed sleeping. She flew around speaking softly trying to rouse the boy from his sleep. "Can Hyrule's destiny really depend on such a lazy boy." After some time the boy woke up, stretched and yawned and turned to look at Navi the fairy.

"You finally woke up," she commented.

"Come on, the Great Deku Tree has summoned you, and I'm Navi your fairy partner."

"Mmm, Hmm," Link groaned.

"Well . . . are you getting up or not?" questioned Navi.

" Ok."

Link hopped off the bed and walked through the doorway onto the balcony. Outside Saria was running down to greet Link.

"Yahoo! Hi Link," she cried.

Link walked down the ladder and walked over to Saria.

"Hi Saria," Link said quite cheerfully.

"Oh wow Link, a fairy partner finally came to you; that's great, now you're a real Kokiri, I'm so happy for you."

" I'm sorry Saria, I've got to go, the Great Deku Tree has summoned me."

" Really? Wow that's amazing; it's a real honour to talk to the Great Deku Tree . . . well you'd better get going, I'll wait here for you."

"Thanks Saria, See you later."

Link ran towards the Great Deku Tree's meadow. Jumping on the stepping stones in the pond he reached the other side and came face to face with none other than Mido, the Kokiri bully.

" Hey, what do you want Mr. No fairy?" said Mido, nastily looking down his nose at Link, even though Link was slightly taller than he was.

"Mido, I need to get past; the Deku Tree has summoned me."

"Really, well first you need a fairy. Without one you're not a real man . . . Ok so you've got a fairy but you still need a sword and shield first."

"You haven't got them yet."

"What? Yeah I know I haven't . . . yet. Now get out of here!"

Link walked off and talked to some of the other Kokiri, then he headed to the training centre. Once he got there he crouched down and made his way into a small tunnel and out through the other end. After dodging the huge rolling boulder he found a chest and opened it and inside was . . . The Kokiri's sword.

"Ok I've got the sword but now I need a shield."

"Why don't you try the shop?" suggested Navi.

So Link collected a load of about 50 rupees and walked into the shop and bought the Deku shield. He walked out and over to Mido.


"What do you want now?"

" I told you, you need a sword and shield . . . WHAT! Where did you get the Kokiri's sword, how come you get to be the favourite of Saria and the Great Deku Tree . . . to me you will never be a true Kokiri, I will never accept you as one of us."

"Whatever . . . can I go through now?" Link was beginning to get frustrated.

"Yeah, but even with all that stuff a wimp is still a wimp huh?"

Link rolled his eyes.

"GOOD GRIEF!" exclaimed Mido, as he grumbled and moved to let Link pass.

Link ran down the passage and met the Deku Tree. They talked, Link entered and finally reached Gohma.

The huge one-eyed spider dropped down from the ceiling and raised up in front of Link; it moved towards Link but Link stood fast. The creature raised up again and its eye turned red. As this happened, Link pulled out the Fairy Slingshot and aimed it. The creature collapsed as its eye was hit with a Deku seed; Link ran across and slashed it about 5 times. Gohma jumped up again and climbed up onto the ceiling and ran across it; Link didn't take his eyes off the creature and its eye turned red again. As it did he fired another Deku seed and the creature fell to the floor. He ran across to the creature and slashed it another 5 times and that was all it took. Gohma reared up, collapsed to the floor and dissolved as bits fell off it, making it look like it was dying of Leprosy. Link collected a heart container and walked into the blue light, which transported him to in front of the Deku tree.

After a long talk the Kokiri's Emerald was handed over to Link and Link left the Deku tree behind after it had died. The Deku Tree's last words were,

"The future depends upon thee Link, thou art courageous."

Link left the forest and found Saria standing on the bridge in the lost woods. She spoke to him quietly, sadly then gave him an Ocarina to remember her by. Link ran out to Hyrule field without saying goodbye and Saria watched him until he was out of sight.

The sun rose high above Link's head as he made his way across Hyrule field; as he ran up a small hill and looked into the distance, he saw the walls of a market town. He scanned the rest of the field seeing a building not to far away to his left, what it was though he couldn't place because the walls rose high around it and the only thing visible was a house. He looked to his right and saw a river and mountain; the river was flowing quickly into the castle. He turned round and looked behind him and felt a strong urge to run back to the forest, everything was so new to him, he was frightened and alone. The only companion he had was Navi the fairy, who had flown down and was settled in Link's tunic. He turned around and faced the castle and started to run towards it, knowing that if he stopped, his emotions and homing instincts would lead him back to the forest; and after the Deku tree died and everyone except Saria thought he did it, he couldn't go back. Besides he had a job to do.

As he ran across Hyrule field he realised what he had missed out on all these years. Hyrule field was so beautiful. The rabbits dashed across it and nibbled on the green grass, birds swooped overhead calling loudly to each other, butterflies flitted from one flower to the other and lowered their wings to show off their colourful patterns. The sky was clear, bright and blue with huge white fluffy clouds like cotton wool piercing it. "Enough of the day dreaming," Link thought, "I've got to get to the castle." He ran on and it began to turn night so he quickened his pace. As he did, the sun sank behind the castle sending brilliant colours of pink, red, orange and purple shooting through the sky. A long piercing wolf howl hung in the air, the sun sank and the bright, white full moon rose into the night air, crisp, sharp and clear. The drawbridge raised up and Link was left standing on Hyrule field. Then the soil started being churned up and out popped two stalchilds with glowing red eyes.

One took a swing at Link but he dodged the attack easily, he retaliated and hit it twice and it crumpled and disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke. He did the same with the other and after what seemed like an eternity of fighting stalchilds, the cuccos crowd loudly signalling the start of a new day.

The drawbridge lowered once again and Link ran inside to the new market town.

The market was filled with people and cheerful music filled the air. After talking to several people, Link noticed a young girl about the same age as him. He walked over to her; she had ginger, silky hair and light blue eyes. She wore a simple dress, cream in colour with blue patterns around the bottom and sleeves, also a yellow tie was around her neck pinned in place with a brooch representing a creature's head called Bowser. He spoke to her and she explained that her father was the owner of Lon Lon ranch and that he had gone to the castle to deliver milk and that she was waiting for him. Link continued on his way towards the castle.

He ran up to the gate and realised the guards wouldn't let some little kid in just because a tree sent him. So he turned around and tried to find another way. He walked round the corner and saw some vines, climbing up them and then running and jumping off the mound wasn't a good idea because one of the guards saw him, seized him roughly and threw him out of the grounds. Returning to the vines Link thought to try again. As he reached the vines he saw Malon standing there, she said her father still hadn't returned and Link offered to go and look for him since he was going to the castle anyway. Malon thanked him and gave him an egg. Later as Link crept passed the guards it turned to night and faded into day again he dived into the moat swam until he found a little embankment and climbed out. He saw a little drainage hole, which was just big enough for him to squeeze through.

In front was the sleeping talon Malon's father as Link neared him the egg hatched and a cucco was born. He brought the cucco out. It crowed and woke the sleeping Talon. He sat up startled but when Link explained about Malon, he jumped up and was away. Link noticed the 2 crates and pushed them so one was on top of the other. He climbed the jumped through the drain and into the castle gardens. After sneaking past the guards he saw an archway and walked cautiously through it.

Standing on a platform was a girl the same age as him wearing a long pink and blue dress. Link walked towards her and spoke, she turned around and started asking questions about the spiritual stones and then about how Ganondorf wishes to claim the Triforce. After about 10 minutes she finished, Link left her and walked up to Impa and she led him out of the castle onto Hyrule field…

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