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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Forest and the Fire

The midnight sky glittered with stars as the grey clouds parted. The round, bone white moon rose overhead and traced the hills, and reflected in the mirror-like river creating the illusion it had fallen from the heavens. A Kokiri boy ran across the green grass as he headed for the ranch he had heard so much about. The moonlight shone down on the land highlighting everything and creating shadows that danced on the earth underneath the stars.

Two creatures, not monsters and yet not human, followed the young boy. They weren’t dangerous or hideously mutated, just the simple frames of what appeared to be children. They rose up from the centre of the earth at night, wanting revenge though they didn’t know why; hunting down innocent people, just because they, the stalchildren were the wandering souls of the children who lost their lives in the great war, just over 10 years ago. The Kokiri stopped running, tired and fed up; he turned to face the stalchildren as they closed in, they would fight though they didn’t stand a chance against the young warrior. He flung the wooden shield onto his arm, and drew the Kokiri’s sword from the scabbard on his back. The cool, steel blade shimmered in the silver moonlight. Before the skeletons even had a chance to attack the boy swung at them with his sword, they dropped to the ground and faded into the soil. The moon sank behind the wall, pink shards of light shot in to the sky and a cucco crowed loudly to announce daybreak.

Link ran up the slope and into the ranch. Two buildings stood on either side of him, one wooden, one brick. He walked to the right and into the stable. He gazed around; two cows mooed loudly in the left corner of the stable while all the other stalls remained empty. Link then spotted a man with thick brown bushy eyebrows and a moustache to match. Link walked over to him and mustered the courage to speak to him while the man ignored him and continued to grumble.

" Excuse me," Link managed to say. The man looked down and stared at him angrily.

"What do you want?" he snapped.

" Is something wrong, because you seem a bit annoyed?"

"It’s none of your business kid!"

Link opened his mouth to speak but the man was already speaking.

" It’s none of your business, but I, the hard working Ingo, am stuck in here piling horse crap into a bucket whereas that lazy bum Talon just sleeps. I should be in control of this ranch, not him."

"Uh, yeah," Link said as he backed away from Ingo slowly, and side-stepped to the door trying to get as far away from Ingo as possible.

" Touchy," said Link to Navi when they got outside.

"Very!" Navi replied.

They walked on to the main part of the ranch and headed for the area with a fence around it. Inside he saw the girl from the other day, Malon. Her red hair seemed to be glowing in the sunshine. She was gently rocking from left to right while singing a tune. A brown foal stood next to her, glossy coated, ears pricked, scraping the ground with its hoof and occasionally rearing up and neighing. Link walked up to Malon.

"Hi," he said.

She looked at him and then she remembered.

"Oh hi, you’re the fairy boy from the other day."

Link rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, that’s me."

"Thank you for all your help the other day, I really appreciate it."

"That’s Ok, I was glad to help… no offence but is your dad always that lazy?"

" Every single day" Malon sighed.

Link chuckled slightly; the foal who was standing next to Malon neighed and backed away from Link..

" Oh, by the way this is my friend Epona," Malon gestured to the foal, "isn’t she adorable?"

"Uh, yeah she’s lovely."

Epona reared up and galloped off.

"Oh fairy boy, it seems Epona is afraid of you…"

After some time Malon finally taught Link Epona’s song. He thanked her and walked away. After going into the house, playing Talon’s game and winning a bottle of Lon Lon milk, Link set off towards Kakariko.

Navi flew overhead to get a better view of the village as Link reached the top of the steps that led up to Kakariko. He bent down and rested his hands on his knees to get his breath back.

"Come on Link…we haven’t got all day."

"I’m coming."

As usual Link talked to a few people in the village. He overheard however, about a secret in the graveyard so he headed up there.

As usual grey clouds were billowing overhead, there was no sound, apart from the whipping winds and swaying grass; there was just silence creating an eerie and dramatic setting. Link shivered as the cold wind chilled his bare legs and arms.

"Man, this place is really creepy," he commented.

"Well, it is a graveyard. Dead people are buried here so it’s supposed to be creepy you retarded idiot."

"No need to snap" Link sighed and shivered once again.

"Will you quit shivering, you’re annoying me."

"Well I’m so sorry, you’d be shivering if you only had a tunic on… oh and you can talk!" he retorted.

He walked up the path and read the stone with inscriptions on it. After a while he turned up the path and walked towards the back, ignoring the kid that was waving a stick about. He reached the large gravestone at the back and it began to rain. He glanced down and saw a Triforce symbol.

"Link, Link look down here!"

Link ignored Navi.

"Aren’t you even listening?"

"Not really, and I’m not blind. I can see the symbol."

"I know, I just wanted to annoy you."

Link thought what to do next and muttered something along the lines of, "I was better off without a fairy, damn Deku tree."

An idea suddenly popped into his head and Link brought the Ocarina to his lips. He gently played Zelda’s lullaby…

The rain grew harder and lightning streaked across the sky, thunder roared in the distance. Navi glanced at Link’s blue eyes and saw them wide with wonder, amazement and fear. A lightning bolt crashed straight into the gravestone, causing it to break apart and making Link fall to the floor and cry out. Link got up and brushed himself off.

"You wuss," Navi commented. "You’re gonna be in trouble now, ha ha!"

"You could be a little more helpful and reassuring you know" Link stuck his tongue out at Navi .

He stepped forward and jumped down the hole.

Coldness settled around Link. He glanced around and out of the corner of his eye saw two Keese settled at the end of the passage. He inched closer to them and they stirred slightly. Navi the fairy flew to the Keese giving Link a better aim.

After killing a few Keese and being very careful so as not to tread on any bones, Link walked forwards to the next room. In here there were pools of what looked like green slime, with green steam floating up to the ceiling; in each corner of the room were tall brown shapes that looked human, but couldn’t possibly be alive. Then it hit Link, these were the living dead that the voices around the tomb had been warning him about. These zombies were the Redeads. As Link walked down the passage a pungent odour hung around getting stronger with each step he took. It smelled like rotting flesh; Link stepped into the room and the smell became overpowering, he quickly covered his mouth with his hand and hunched over. After a few minutes he stood back up straight and carried on walking. The Redeads stirred so Link started to tiptoe past them. He kept a distance away from the first one but it wasn’t far enough, it turned around and Link froze. It moaned quietly and he looked it in the eyes… or at least where the eyes should have been . . . All that was there were two round black holes. A terrified scream of a woman, long and piercing filled the room. Link tried to move away but his legs wouldn’t move; they seemed to be stuck to the ground and during those few seconds that Link realised it, the Redead dashed around the back of him and bit for all it was worth. Suddenly all Link knew was immense pain. He screamed and sank to the ground and the Redeads fangs sank further into his neck.

When it finally let go Link dashed across the room and through the narrow passageway. He stopped on the little path between the green slime pools. He panted and put his hand on the painful wounds on the back of his neck. Navi would usually be cynical at these times but was too concerned about Link. She knew that this was one of the major things that he had encountered so far though there would be worse.

"Link… are you alright?" She whispered quietly with noticeable concern in her voice

In between his whimpering Link managed to say that he would be OK.

After a couple of minutes Link stood up and walked up to the large slab of upright stone at the back. He read a poem made for the royal family about a certain song.

"The rising sun will eventually set

A new-born’s life will fade

From sun to moon, moon to sun

Giving peaceful rest to the Living dead"

After learning the Sun’s song, Link noticed a small sentence

"Restless souls wander where they don’t belong

Bring them calm with the Sun’s Song"

After walking out of the tomb Link and Navi returned to the forest. When he reached there all the Kokiri told him that Saria was waiting for him in the usual spot. He headed for the Lost Woods and made his way left, right, straight ahead it just so happened that Kaporea Gaborea was waiting for Link. After a few minutes of talking the owl flew off and Link, even though he was only ten swore until his heart was content.

"That f***king owl, next time it comes I’ll rip it’s head off, that bastard is going to pay dearly the little twerping mother f**ker, I’m sure that all that’s in there is crap and s**t,"

"You're pissed off" Navi commented

Link shot her a sinister glance and she back off, slightly scared. As Link continued to walk deeper into the forest he muttered cruel and unusual ways that he was going to kill the owl. The pair walked into the clearing and saw a gate in front of them. Link walked up to it and as he did so a huge grey Wolfos appeared from the grass. Link quickly finished the Wolfos off and his anger made him stronger. The gate dropped and Link gathered up the few Rupees that were left behind and made his way into the maze. After about 1 hour Link made his way up the steps at the end of the maze. After killing the Deku scrubs he headed up the steps in front of him. When he saw who was sitting on the tree stump, however, his anger diminished instantly.

A smile drew itself on to Link’s face, Saria was there…

"Hi Saria"

Saria recognised that voice immediately she looked up and talked to Link for a while before teaching him her song.

" Whenever you want to hear my voice play Saria’s song"

Link once again headed across Hyrule field. Looking at the bright moon while the Stalchilds crept behind him his thoughts wandered back to the royal family’s tomb. He shook his head and headed back to Kakariko, when he reached the village, it had turned to day. He found all the Cucco Lady’s chickens, received another bottle, filled it with milk and headed to the gate at the bottom of Death Mountain. When he handed the guard the letter he read it, briefly looked at Link and burst into hysterics. Link glared at the guard and he quickly stopped laughing and opened the gate. Link took care of the Tektites as he headed up the winding slope. At about half way up Link noticed a large boulder, he looked at the rock next to it… or what appeared to be a rock as he walked towards it popped open and revealed itself to be a Goron. It spoke to him, Link felt a bit weird even though he realised that he was talking to a person and not a rock but he still felt uncomfortable. He carried on up the slope, dodging the rolling Goron and headed into Goron City.

This place was huge there were layers and layers of what appeared to be what looked like streets. In the middle was a large vase with three Goron faces on each with different expressions. He decided not to take the steps but rather to run to the edge and jump to the bottom. When he reached the bottom he spoke to a Goron who explained about the Dodongo’s, thus the food shortage and how the big brother Darunia, had locked himself in his room and would remain in there until he heard from the Royal family. Link had another idea and stepped up to the stone door and played Zelda’s lullaby. The door slowly raised

"Wow!" exclaimed Link " I didn’t expect that to work"

He walked in to see a very large and angry Goron, who he supposed, was Darunia. Link spoke to him, after some time Darunia finally stopped ranting. Link thought "Goron’s like the music coming from the shortcut to the lost woods, which is Saria’s song so maybe if I play that for him I’ll get something good" Link played Saria’s song and waited… after about 3 seconds Darunia started to dance madly, Navi joined in bouncing up and down, Link slowly backed away slightly to avoid getting hit (Check the game he really does back off). After the song had run it’s course Darunia stopped dancing and handed Link the Goron bracelet. Link spoke to Darunia once again.

"Destroy the creatures in the cavern and prove you’re a real man" was all he said. Link walked out of the room, Up to the top level and out of Goron City. He headed to the right picked up a bomb flower and threw it… It hit the boulder and blew it apart revealing the way into Dodongo’s Cavern. Link jumped of the cliff and rolled in to the Cavern. He blew up the next door and quickly scanned the main room. After about 6 hours of running around being burnt, blistered ,hit ,bitten, blown up and everything else that was possible there Link reached the final room. The one good side, was that he found a bomb bag with twenty bombs in it, meaning Link was happy that he could now be a vandal and blow everything up. He was wondering what to do next when he thought he may as well have a bit of fun being a vandal and blow something up (told you didn’t I). He stepped forward placed a bomb in the middle of the room and stepped back, it blew up and revealed a square hole in the floor.

"Cool" Link exclaimed and he opened the chest behind it to stock up on more bombs. He jumped down the hole and landed in a large chamber with a huge lava pool in the middle. He turned around quickly at the sound of a roar, and saw a huge Dodongo standing in front of him. He switched to the Hylian shield immediately as it rolled past. Maybe using some bombs or something will help thought Link. King Dodongo opened his mouth, taking in air and as he did Link ran forwards threw a bomb in his mouth and backed off. The bomb exploded and to his surprise the Dodongo fell to the ground. Link ran forwards and hit it with his sword.

He repeated this process 3 more times… Dodongo curled up into a ball lost his balance and rolled into the lava pit where he died. Link picked up the heart container and was transported outside. Darunia dropped down in fornt of him, made Link his sworn brother and gave him the spiritual stone of fire (the Goron’s ruby) and a broken back. Darunia called three other Gorons to give Link a hug but luckily Link got away.

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