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Lin`k was arriving from the lost woods,he was happy to be able to finally come home. He completed the story of Majora's mask he was invited to a wedding and had extra transforming mask and was going to see Romani his old friend that lived in Lon Lon ranch which was changed to Romani ranch when she was born Lighting Lin`k's horse galloped as hard as he could they finally made it out of the forest Lighting galloped to Hyrule Castle Lin`k couldn't wait to see his parents.
LIn`k's butler guided lin`k to his parents.
Lin`k: Mom,Dad I'm here.
Zelda: lin`k is it really you my son.
Lin`k: Mom hi. Where's Dad.
Zelda: My son you've gotten so big. Your father's at Romani ranch over looking it for romani she left yeasterday and never came back I'm quite worried about her.
Lin`k: Mom,I'll be back I'm going to check on dad then on Romani.
Zelda: Be careful dearshe went to the Lost Woods. Oh! tell your father to come home.
Lin`k shakes hi head once yes and leaves hopping on lighting and galloping away.
Zelda: That boy is exactly like his father! Oh Aryll I wish you could be here to see your brother now.

Romani Ranch:

Lin`k: Dad, Dad where are you.
Link: I'm here, Romani's been gone to long I have to find her.
Lin`k: No, Dad let me do it It's likethe old time when we played hide n seek I'll be back.
Lin`k runs out of the ranch
Link:His first crush. (sighing)
Lin'k:Lighting to the Lost Woods.

Lost Woods:

Lin`k: Romani, Ro, Ro, Romani! Where are you Ro,Ro!
???: Who are you? What r u doing in my territory.
Lin`k: I am Lin`k, Prince Lin`k where is my friend Romani!
???: She's right here.
Lin`k: Romani!
Romani is hanging from a tree.
Lin`k: who are you?
???: Dark Lin`k
Lin`k takes out his hookshot and cuts the rope lighting gallops to get romani Lin`k jumps on Lighting and rides to the castle holding Romani in the other.

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