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Link-welcome to my new reality Picture in box show I do not know how this is getting to you but well fuck it! I just want to say hi
Pruducer- Link hurry up the director already wants to cancel you
Peter Jackson- I am going to win a oscar for this hunk of dog shit
Link- well Peter Jackson is so fucking poor that I am just going to hide in the bushes and hit people (peter Jackson) in the balls
Peter Jackson- What was that Link?!
Link- Nothing Peter
Peter Jackson - That’s fucking Peter Jackson to you fucker my name must be complete like the Lord of the rings Trilogy
Link- Yeah well now for my first target
(Peter Jackson walks to get a piece of bread from a stand)
Peter Jackson- Mmmmm mythical bread
Link- Now
(Link runs to Peter Jackson and hits him in the balls)
Peter Jackson- Ow my numerous awards as the staring director in Lord of Rings are the only things keeping my balls from my stomache
Link- Ha! One big shot director down your next Wachoski brothers the last Matrix’s sucked balls!
WB’s (Wachoski brothers)- Try to hit me, our balls are not real they are only a part of the Matrix
Link- Boy you fucked up!
(take’s out the master sword and castrate’s him)
Voice from no where- Link find me
Link- is that you Nemo come to me
Voice from No where- No that movie was completely un motivated except for the blue thing and the turtles
Link - Can I call you something else beside’s voice from no where
Voice from Nowhere- call me bubbles
Link- Bubbles?!
Bubble’s- yes with Herbal essencance Bubble bath I have, removed all algae from my masculine voice.
Link- So where do I find you
Bubble’s- In the Gerudo valley
Link- okay, my Mc donalds Step counter thingy will keep me underweight forever

Desert Collosus

Link- Man Naboroo and all her friends sure sexed me up
Bubbles- Link you did it with so many girls do you feel guilty
Link- Nope I’m going through bitches like rags to riches
Bubbles- Going through Bitch’s
Link- from rags to riches
(awkward silence then Link is mumbling something then see’s the magic carpet guy and nails him in the balls)
Link- Yes! You just got dunked
Bubbles- Look at me
(A strange bald head appears)
Link- Holy Shit look at your head
Bubble’s- remember this head
Link- I’ll remember when I rub my balls on it
Bubble’s- Go to Kakario and Dunk this man he cannot have anymore kids


Link- there’s that bald dude ….. Is he raping that Cucko
Bald Dude- Your so good to me Cucko
Link- Man you are so getting Dunked
(Link ran and kicked the guy in the balls the guy winced in pain the Cucko crowed with glee and mutant human- Cucko hybrids came out of his ass with the force of Link’s kick)
Cucko Human- Link thaaaaaaaaaaaank ooooooo
(Link goes and kicks him in the balls)
Link- Muahhaaa the lesson is to kick as many people in the balls as possible
Steven Speilburg- Link I am Bubbles
Link- Whohoo another big shot director
(Link kicks him in the balls)
Producer- Link were canceled we have been canceled ever since that incident with Naboroo and the desert girls
Link- do you have that on tape
Producer- Yes
(Link kicks the pruducer in the balls and steals the tape)
Link- Thank you tape you are helping me in my long time battle against the sun
Bye- bye

End ?

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