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No one to save
Nothin to clean
Nothing to do
Where've I been?

Has the world really changed?
should I like this new place?
can I be bored?
can I just take up space?

Life's never been dull
It's never been this
I'm so stinking bored
adventure I miss

I'm out of my mind!
Give me somethig to do!
Or something to find!

I'll just lay here and sleep
but can this be a dream
maybe I should get up
and see what you mean

oops, I forgot
I was nearly knocked out
until I awoke
from you ear-shattering shout

I guess I'm in a battle,
Er, that's how it would seem...
I'm no longer bored
But the peace was only a dream!

^_^ " heh heh ....

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