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Battle of the Heart

I could have guessed from the start
it was a battle of the heart
that I should leave my only home
the only thing I've ever known

And rush out into the land
of rivers, mountains, burning sand
only to forget my friends
to save them for whatever ends

Should I leave?
Should I stay?
To loose my friends
or loose the day

My destiny is to be a hero
to be always strong and true
but leaving my friends is the hardest thing
I'll ever have to do

I leave for my friends
though they turn and cry
and to leave
is worse than to die

they may hate me
they may not care
but still for them
a love I share

I eventually left
to save the land
of rivers, mountains, burning sand

I should've guessed
from the start
It was all a battle
of the heart.

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