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It had been many years after what had happened in Termina. During those many years, a hero wandered in search of a lost friend from long ago. During those many years he asearched for a fairy. Before releasing Termina from evil's grasp did he search for that fairy.
His name... was Link.
After leaving Termina did he come upon an ocean. An ocean unknown.
He, realizing how long it can take, gathered supplies necessary, including fishing items.
After stocking up on many provisions, he traveled across that ocean. It was calm during those years of sailing. There were only peaceful fish to examine and eat and submerged plants. The seas were clear and beautiful during those years.
Link would occasionally play his ocarina. The ocarina was entirely precious to him, for it commanded time and was a key to the blade of evil's bane and the golden power.
Those many years have passed. Now is the present.

Link, his boat still on water, scanned the area. He had come upon several islands while sailing. As he aged, he bought more provisions from those islands he came upon.
Now was a grand time, for a large mass of land was in sight.
Throwing down his fishing rod, he set up his sail and let the wind carry him to the mass of land.
Not long now, he thought to himself.
Could it be! It must be Hyrule!
He wasn't even halfway there when something forced him out of his boat. Link was underwater. He swam to the surface of the ocean and saw his boat lopsided, the sail on water.
Quickly swimming over to the sail, the retrieved it and overturned his boat. He climbed in again, setting the sail.
This time, he was armed with a bow and arrow.
"Was that a shark-like creature?" he asked himself. Indeed, it was. A dangerous shark swam ahead of the boat. It lept out of the water and turned towards Link, only missing Link. Just barely.
"What the hell!"
Link shot the creature with an Ice Arrow as the boat arrived on land. He kept and arrow aimed at the shark. But when the ice melted, it swam away.
"Dammit," he mumbled to himself. "I thought they don't attack people.
Taking up his weapons he attained from Termina long ago, he headed through the trees and towards the field.
Continued later......

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