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Ello peeps, this would make the third website I posted this on, which means I didn't steal my own story. It should be self explanitory to a degree, but I'll answer any questions to the best of my ability. And even though this is a Zelda fic, Link will not be in here but he will be talked about, but not directly. This is also rated for what blood and gore I tried to add.


Legend speaks of a boy in green who traveled through time to defeat a great evil. He suffered many hardships along the way, but he got through them with his limitless courage and his many friends. Once he saved the world from the dark lord’s evil reign, he disappeared. That land was rebuilt greater than ever, until the very same evil broke out of its jail to bring destruction to the world. The people called out for that boy in green, known as the Hero of Time, but he never came. The land was soon flooded; it became a great sea. For years the evil searched for the descendents of those who sealed him in his jail, only to bring rise to a new hero, the Hero of Winds. The evil was once again stopped in its tracks.

No one new why the Hero of Time never came back, some say he knew it was time for a new hero to show up, and claim victory over the evil. Others say he was mad at the land for forgetting who he was, and left the land to suffer. I say he could not return even if he wanted to.

When the Princess of Destiny sent the Hero back to his rightful time, she sealed Hyrules fate; the Hero was erased from that time, but not forgotten. It is said in life that when one comes to a life changing decision, that moment splits. One choice takes you one way, while the other takes you another way. When the evil was sealed in that land, it was erased from the time the Hero was sent to. That time is different from the time the evil was sealed in, and later released. In one timeline the evil was born, in the other he does not exist. The Hero was sent to that timeline, his timeline.

In this timeline, no one knew of his courageous deeds to save the world from destruction. Except for his fairy friend, who left after the ordeal for reasons unknown. The boy in green followed soon after, never to be seen by those that knew him. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years, years turned into decades, and decades turned into centuries.

At the time the Great Sea was being saved, Hyrule in the other timeline was now a prosperous country. Bigger than ever after it joined forces with the neighboring lands and no evil showed its ugly face. This was the golden age; no wars, peaceful expansion, trade, everything a country would need to survive. Yet evil exists everywhere, some evil is too impatient and take something over forcefully, other evil weeds itself into a ruling body and no one notices until too late.

At the time the Great Sea was being saved, a new evil started to spread its poison into the monarchy of Hyrule. This evil was in the form of a wizard that goes by the name Agahnim. And a new evil called for a new hero.


A man with black spiky hair, black pants and fingerless gloves, a dark blue shirt, a dark pair of sunglasses, and a strange staff with large blades at each end resting upon his shoulders walked through a forest that teemed with a life force he had never seen before. Yet he did not care to watch as balls of light floated around him for he had been walking this part of the forest for days-on-end, he just kept his gaze in-front of him, waiting for the end of the forest that seemed like it would never come.

He stopped suddenly as he heard something to his right; he stood there listening for anything that is not natural in a forest. Almost curtain of himself, he turned right and continued walking until he came up to an old wall covered with vines. He looked up and down the wall and to his left and right, making a decision he threw his weapon over the top and used the vines to climb over to the other side. He found himself in a hallway of sorts; he soon started toward the more easily identifiable sound of a wind instrument.

He walked around, running into the occasional dead-end, soon to come up to a large hallway with a set of stairs at the end. His vision changed to that of a child’s point-of-view and the hallway was full of monsters that resembled a living bush. When he reached the top of the stairs he saw a young girl of about ten wearing green clothes and had green hair sitting on a stump underneath the remains of stairs, playing an ocarina. His vision returned to normal and the same girl sat on the same stump, playing the same ocarina. He took a closer look as she had longer hair and looked like she was in her early twenties.

The man stuck his weapon blade first into the ground and pulled a blue ocarina out of the bag on his back. He held the instrument and started to play the same song as the young woman note-for-note. They played for hours, neither of them stopping or opening their eyes to look upon each other.

The thoughts of this young woman was filled with an image of a small boy that seemed lost to the world, the image changed as it sped through his life up until he was about the age of ten, when he left and never came back. They ended the song at the same time but never opened their eyes. She was the first to speak: “No matter how much I wish, you will never be him. He left long ago and can not return.”

“He died at an old age, never married and never had kids. I was told that he had regretted not returning to see you or the rest of this place.”

“How is it that you know this? And, how long has it been since he died?”

“I know this because a fairy told me. As to when he died, perhaps almost half a millennia ago.”

“Has it really been that long? It seems like yesterday that I saw him leave the forest to do something for the Great Deku Tree.”

“You are Kokiri, are you not? I thought that they never aged past ten?”

“That was once true, the power of the Great Deku Tree was never passed fully down to the Sprout. The Great Deku Tree was the one that kept us from truly growing up until he died. Now the power is only strong enough to slow down time for our bodies.”

“I’m sorry to be rude,” the man held out his hand, “my name is Jake.”

“Saria.” Saria then took a hold of Jake’s hand and gave a firm shake.


After some time of talking, Jake found himself within a village of adult Kokiri, and he found himself talking about the outside world and telling stories. He stayed about midday the next day and left. But before he could cross the bridge to the exit, he was stopped. “I have the strangest feeling of déjà vu.”

“I’m sure you do Saria.”

“I have been talking to the Great Deku Tree about you, he and I have agreed that something is going to happen soon and you have something to do with it.”


“Yes, lately I have been feeling that something is going to happen, I had this feeling first when ‘he’ left. The Great Deku Tree also agreed that you should receive this.” Saria then took out a palm-sized object that was green in color and had a golden trim on it and handed it to Jake.

“What’s this?”

“That is the Kokiri Emerald, also known as the Spiritual Stone of the Forest. It might become important for you in the future so you better keep it safe.”

“I’ll do that.” Jake then put the stone in his bag and turned around to face the entrance/exit. “I’ll be seeing you around Saria, I’m sure fate isn’t done with you.” With that said Jake walked onward to continue his own fate. Once outside, he looked around the large field and started in the direction that felt right to him. With his weapon resting behind his neck and both hands hanging over the shaft, he walked over the plains of Hyrule.


A lone guard yawned as he watched the sun sink past the horizon. He then turned around to look at the rest of the camp, which sat on a large hill somewhere in the middle of Hyrule. His attention was caught once again by the large tent set up in the middle of the camp; he looked in aw, as the tent was far larger than the surrounding tents that littered the hill. He turned back to the field with another yawn and lightly scanned it, thinking there was nothing out there he almost missed the lone figure that was walking pretty close to the camp. He called another guard to his side and pointed out the figure, both then ran out in front of him as he was not far off and told him to halt.

Jake looked up and almost jumped back as two spears appeared in front of his face, he took off his sunglasses to get a better look at his almost attackers. “Why is someone such as yourself walking this far out from civilization?”

“Give me one reason why I should answer you.” The two guards looked at each other a bit taken back by the answer and looked back to Jake, taking one more step forward as they saw more guards coming over to check things out. A guard in golden armor walked up and asked the first two guards what was going on.

“This trouble maker is not answering any of my questions and has threatened me.” The captain looked toward Jake and asked him if it was true.

“He is right about me not answering his one question but he is the one threatening to poke my eyes out with his stick.” Jake looked toward as a woman, about his age with silver hair, light armor, red eyes, and some face paint under her eyes, and a young girl about the age of eight and wearing a dress that only someone of royal blood would wear following closely behind came his way. The woman spoke loud enough for all that applies o hear.

“What is going on? All guards stand down and back away. And you,” she said motioning to Jake, “hand your weapons and belongings over.” Jake did as she said, he handed his swallow over to the nearest guard and undid the belt that held his combat knives and tossed it to another guard. His pack was handed over to the woman. He then bent down to look eye-to-eye with the little girl and smiled, the guards started after him but were stopped by the woman.

“Hi there, my name is Jake, what’s yours?”

The girl hid partially behind the armored legs, one eye sticking out. “Zelda.” Came the muffled reply.

“Zelda huh? That’s a beautiful name; it fits you perfectly. Hey, you look familiar, have we met before?”

Zelda stepped out from her cover, “Perhaps in our dreams.”

“Perhaps.” Jake stood up to face the woman and stuck out his hand. “My name is Jake if you haven’t heard, I just travel from place-to-place.” The woman took his hand and gave a firm shake.

“Impa of the Shiekah, I am Zelda’s nurse-maid and protector.”

“What brings the Royal Family out this way?”

“We are returning from a trip to a neighboring country seeking allies and answers to deal with the rising monster problem here in Hyrule.”

A guard spoke up at this time, “Lady Impa, is it not wise to tell a common peasant about the affairs of the Royal Family?”

“He is not a common peasant, and if the princess trusts one such as himself then I have no reason not to trust him myself.” It was then that the guard noticed that Jake and Zelda had started up a conversation that led him to pull out a blue wind instrument and started to play a few songs he picked up on his travels. Zelda hen took out a flute of her own and followed along almost flawlessly.

The music coming from the duelists attracted most of the attention of the guards and when they stopped, the sun was nothing but a memory and a good sized crowed had appeared. Including the king himself. Jake now was laying on his back with his eyes closed and hands being used as a pillow, Zelda walked back to her tent with a smile plastered on her face.

“Do you think you could just lay my stuff next to me? I’ll be sleeping here tonight.” Jake said with boredom and fatigue.

“Very well, I will speak to you tomorrow. Guards, keep an eye on him.” The king said, almost giving everyone there a scare. The guards faced the king and bowed with a quick ‘yes sir’ and returned to their posts, only Impa remained.

“So, when did these monsters start showing up?”

“Five years ago, around the time a wizard that goes by the name Agahnim showed up. After he heard that monsters had been attacking Hyrule he came over to help. Ever since then he has been fighting the monsters, yet they continue to appear every day, each one stronger than the last. Agahnim since then has made his way up to Chief Royal Adviser. It is predicted that he will become he king’s most trusted right-hand man.” Impa by now had sat on the ground, her arms hugging her knees as-if to keep her warm from the cold nights air. “That man scares me and the princess.”

“Are you saying that this man could have some kind of connection with the monsters?”

“I do not know what I’m saying, I do not know who or what to believe anymore.” Jake sat up and mimicked Impa’s position.

“You should not lose faith of one’s self, it will leave you open to those who wish harm upon you and those around you. Stay with me tonight, sleeping under the stars might do you some good.” Impa looked straight into Jake’s eyes, surprise in her own.

“No, I couldn’t. I have to watch over Zelda.”

“Do not worry about Zelda, she will be fine tonight. Trust me.” Impa sat there for a few minutes, weighing the odds in her head.

“Ok, as long as you don’t try anything, or I will kill you.”

“Noted. Good night.”

“Good night.” Both released their legs and leaned back, closing their eyes and got comfortable in the grass, both fell asleep almost instantly.


Impa was feeling warm when she woke up, yet she didn’t open her eyes. She was well rested and did not want to get off the soft bed. ‘Wait, bed? Since when was I on a bed?’ It was then that her bed shifted under her, and surprisingly, it spoke. “Impa?” Impa opened her eyes slowly, only to look into brown eyes. Realizing her situation she jumped back and off of Jake.

“I thought I told you not to try anything?” She said with a scowl.

“That’s just it, I didn’t try anything. I just woke up and found you on me.” Impa looked over to where the guard was only to discover him sleeping on the job.

“Damn those guards.”

“Lets just forget that happened and get something to eat, ok?”

“Fine, but next time you ask me to sleep out here, I’m sleeping farther away.” Without another word the duo walked to the food tent. Jake stopped just as he got to the door; something was bothering him deeply. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know when, but something is going to happen soon. I can feel it.” On cue a horn blew, signaling an incoming attack. The camp was now buzzing with activity as soldiers ran around getting armor on and heading to their posts. Impa had already disappeared, most likely to guard the royals. Jake looked around, not sure what to do himself. He noticed that most of the guards headed in one direction, he too headed in that direction and made it to the front. The captain from last night spotted him and came his way.

“Will you fight with us?”

“My pleasure.” Both then turned to the collection of monsters that was assembled in front of the Hylian soldiers. Jake cracked his knuckles and neck and took out his swallow. He was now ready to fight.


Several horns blew, jolting a sleeping man from his sleep. Dazed and confused he stumbled out of his cot and tent, noticing others like him running around struggling to get armor on, he turned back around and re-entered his tent and rushed his light armor on. He walked to his remaining bunkmates that still lay asleep and shook them awake. Once all had been awoken and armored, they headed over to the armory to pick up their weapons. They each picked up a handcrafted bow and quiver; each one had a design that depicted their family line and heritage along with mystical animals that was believed to bring good luck and fortune. The quivers had a slot on the side for a short sword used for close range combat.

The soldiers strapped on their quivers and headed out to their designated spots with the other archers and held his bow at the ready, he turned his head to the captain and awaited his orders. The captain looked toward the line of archers behind him and raised his sword; the archers raised their bows and readied their arrows. The sword came down in an arc like motion and the archers released their arrows. One arrow flew high into the air and fell down only to penetrate the skull of a Stalfos; the force of the arrow caused the head to snap off the neck and the arrow exploded out the other side of the head. The arrow then dug into the foot of a Lizalfos, the head stiff around the staff of the arrow.

The headless Stalfos kept running, faster than the others without the weight of a head, yet very blind. It was so blind that it ran through the Hylian line and into the camp without being hit. A soldier finally hit it only to separate the torso from the legs, the torso stayed behind swinging madly while the legs ran off to boldly go where no Stalfo legs have gone before: Broadway (Imagine seeing Stalfo legs dancing on a Broadway stage). The soldier that parted the Stalfos upper body with its lower body had continued on to meet the enemy, his first target was a Lizalfo dancing wildly trying to get an arrow out of its foot. The soldier parted its head with its body; the head fell next to the Stalfo head that used to be around the arrow.

The soldier fought off a few more Lizalfos until a bulldog-faced moblin filled his view, it would be the last thing he would ever see as the spear the moblin carried entered the top of his skull, through his head, neck, heart, stomach, and came out at his private area. The spear continued until it was firmly planted into the ground, turning the soldier it killed into a Hylian on a stick. It would have stayed that way if an Iron Knuckle hadn’t come by swinging its axe madly, separating the moblin from its legs and separating the dead soldier from the rest of his body at the stomach. The Iron Knuckle continued swiping franticly, parting soldiers with their heads, arms, or legs. The same went for the other monsters that got in its way. One swing had cut through half a head right under the right eye and just short of the nose, and the swing continued until it became imbedded in the back of another soldier, the axe was pulled out and the soldier was left to bleed to death. If he where to survive, there was a large chance he would be paralyzed for the remaining of his life.

The Iron Knuckle continued on faster and faster until he tripped over a dead Wolfos, several Hylian archers jumped on to it ripping off the armor piece by piece, soon the soft spots of the mechanical monster was uncovered and the archers ran from the Iron knuckle firing arrows as they went. The Iron Knuckle soon exploded in a large fireball; an arm went flying into the head of another Iron Knuckle stunning it. A man with a strange weapon found a crack in the armor and slammed his blade into the crack and peeled a large piece of armor off the Iron Knuckle. The Mechanical monster was now aware of its attacker and took a swing only to slice off a large chunk of a Dinolfo that went from its right armpit to its left shoulder blade. Jake thrust his weapon into the exposed area of the Iron Knuckle, which fell to its knees after the Swallow was pulled out of it.

Jake continued on, sidestepping and avoiding the leap of a Wolfos, the ground shook lightly as the Iron Knuckle exploded. The Wolfos was thrown back the way it came as it was close to the Iron Knuckle when it exploded and flew into a Lizalfo and two Dinalfos. The Lizalfo was the first recover and throw the chard remains of the Wolfos off of them; Jake raced forward and slashed vertically the overgrown lizard from the neck to the top of its head, effectively splitting the head in half. The attack had twisted Jake’s body and was now facing away from the dead Lizalfo and the Dinalfos. The Swallow was being held vertical in the air, with a swift movement it moved down at an angle that turned into an arc and penetrated and disemboweled a Dinalfo that thought it could stab Jake in the back.

Jake turned around and pulled the Swallow up until it was level with the ground and yanked it out, slicing through bone, cartilage, and various organs. The last Dinalfo was wielding a spear that happened to be pointed at Jake’s heart. The Dinalfo charged, Jake remained calm and stood his ground and without moving his feet dodged to the left and grabbed the spear as it passed him with one hand and moved it till it hit the Dinalfo in the head. At the same time Jake moved one foot behind the foot of the Dinalfo, and brought it forward as the dino foot was firmly on the ground and tripped it, making it fall backwards. Jake, still holding the spear, shoved it into the Dinalfos’ neck and left it to die of either blood loss, or lack of oxygen. Jake took some time to survey the carnage around him, the monster presence was substantially smaller from when the battle started, yet there was still plenty of monsters to go around thrice the remaining soldiers.

An explosion to his left rocked the ground and parts of what looked like a large intestine flew into his head, almost knocking his sunglasses off. He looked over to where the explosion emanated from only to see the remains of a pack of Wolfos, five chard bodies surrounded a small crater, in the center laid the scant remains of a Wolfos. The head lay a few meters away from the carnage, it had landed in a certain way that it was looking strait into Jake’s eyes, the dead gaze held his attention until another explosion filled his ears. The next victim was chard beyond recognition; the top part of its torso had also been blown off.

Jake looked around to see if he could locate the source of the explosions, a round object caught his eye as it sailed through the sky and fell into a group of monsters and exploded. Jake traced the path it took and located a cannon, Hylian soldiers had just loaded another bomb and was aiming to fire again, Jake also noticed others scrambling to set up similar objects, some ready to fire. Jake turned around and quickly separated a moblin with its legs, Jake then took a knee and bought his Swallow up as he felt small tremors reverberate through his legs, an axe soon pushed his Swallow down, it was the only thing that was stopping the Iron Knuckle from splitting him in half and he was barley holding out.

On a somewhat distant hill that was being backed by the sun, Jake spotted four figures, it was hard telling what they where but he could barely make out the shape as feminine. An explosion rocked the Iron Knuckle, the sound nearly blasted his eardrums and the heat would have been blistering if it had not been for the Iron Knuckle as it acted like a shield. The Iron Knuckle had faltered in its attack letting Jake slip behind it to survey the hole that was put into its armor, he produced a small spherical object and dropped his Swallow to free up his hand, using that free hand he covered a small string that was protruding from the object for a second and pulled it away revealing a small flame. He threw the object into the hole and picked up his Swallow and ran. He shoved his Swallow into an unsuspecting Dinalfos back and turned it until it faced the Iron Knuckle with him using it as a shield as the bomb exploded, sending pieces of armor flying in every direction.

Jake rubbed an ear, when he felt something sticky on his hand and pulled it into his vision covered with a thin layer of blood. His world was suddenly filled with shadow, and object blocked his view for a scant second and felt it ram into his neck and knocking him back into something big. The moblin lifted the spear and brought it closer, effectively lifting Jake off his feet. He clawed at the spear and kicked wildly until most of his energy and precious air had been spent, his face was now bluer than the sky and his lungs started longing for air. He was on the verge on passing out from lack of the precious gas when the moblin released his grip on the weapon, dropping Jake onto the ground, when his mind was clear enough to tell him that he was tasting dirt the massive form of the moblin fell next to him.

Jake struggled up, trying to breathe enough oxygen into his lungs. He looked around and spotted his savior, whose figure was lost in the sunlight. Jake realized he had lost his sunglasses at one point and did a rushed search around him. After finding the object of his search he hastily put them on, only to dive to the right narrowly missing a curved blade from being implanted into his head. Fortunately, he rolled over, and grabbed, his weapon and sprung to his feet. He got a quick look at his attacker and savior scant seconds before the next attach; the figure was definitely female, her skin was tanned from being in the sun and she wore a black outfit with blue markings, and she had long red hair that put into a loose ponytail and her lower face was covered with a piece of black cloth.

The woman, identified as Gerudo, leapt forward with two curved blades ready to cut him into tiny little pieces. Jake forced his Swallow up to block both blades, he felt the hit reverberate from the handholds, through his body to his feet, and back. Both fighters locked eyes as time seemed to stand still and plain brown eyes met gold with lines of blue flowing through it like a lightning storm on a sunny day. Those golden eyes where also filled with hate and rage, something that made Jake’s eyes go wide with confusion. The feet of the Gerudo finally hit the ground, as she was airborne when she struck.

Both fighters took two steps back and leapt back into each others faces, now in a struggle of strength, neither backing down. The Gerudo finally turned the tables by kneeing him in a man’s most sensitive area sending him to his hands and feet, trying his best not to convert to a humiliating display. “That, was uncalled for.” He huffed out.

“That’s what you get.”

“But, what did I do?”

“Don’t play games with me, Jake! You know what I’m talking about.”

“No I don-” but Jake was cut off by a kick to his chest, he now was laying on his side trying to fill his lungs with air, “Ouch.”

“You liar! You lied to me then and you’re lying to me now. Do you have ANY honor?” By now the remaining soldiers had formed a circle around the two, the battle freshly won with the help of a small band of the best Gerudo warriors. Just then Impa, with the king and Zelda in tow, shoved past some soldiers.

“What’s going on here?” Demanded Impa. The soldiers immediately went to attention and Jake painfully climbed to his feet, only to be struck back down by the Gerudo. “Why the hell did you hit him?!”

“This lowlife of a man deserves it.”

“Explain WHY he deserves to be beaten up and humiliated. But first, who are you?”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me. My name is-”

W-wait, I think I remember,” Jake sputtered out. “W-was it because I didn’t write? I didn’t forget, I just-”

“You just WHAT?”

“I just didn’t know WHERE to send it, ok?”


“Oh? Is that all you have to say? How about sorry for KICKING ME IN THE NUTS!”

“Um, Sorry?”

Impa finally decided to cut in at this point, “Excuse me, but do you two, by any chance, KNOW each other?”

“Old girlfriend,” Jake answered.


“I mean YOUNG girlfriend, but at this point I’m not sure we would be considered together,” Jake whispered this last part into Impa’s ear. Impa tilted her head down and crossed her arms and then brought one up to her chin in a thinking motion. After thinking for a few seconds she snapped her head up and looked directly at the Gerudo.

“You, What is your name?”

“I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. It is Kotake.”


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