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The individual strands of grass swayed east with the breeze. All the people in Hyrule could feel it. All of the market flew into a frenzy closing shops and people raced inside as it poured buckets. Lightning reached across the sky, and thunder echoed through the countryside.
Zelda, seventeen now, sat in the throne room with her father. They sat there together as the lightning illuminated the room. A few moments passed and Link rushed in dripping wet.
“Link! What is the meaning of this?” the king exclaimed
“It’s the guards sire,” Link said, out of breath, “They’ve spotted something coming from Gerudo Valley.”
“Damn it.” the king muttered.
A horde of Stalfos, skeleton like creatures marched toward the castle with spears axes and swords. Soldiers rushed out from the city gates to stop the monsters. Steel against steel the brave men fought valiantly, and lost.
It had stopped raining and the sun shone again. Link ran towards the battlefield, slipping on the wet grass. The groans of those who aren’t alive but not quite dead could be heard all over. Link kneeled next to a man who was still alive.
“Don’t worry buddy,” he said “I’m not gonna let you die.”
“They had a bloodlust,” The soldier spoke in a hoarse voice, “It was fortunate we were enough to feed it.”
‘We’ Link thought, ‘If only I had gotten here sooner. I could’ve slain every one of them.’ The wind picked up again and the grass swayed east.

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