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Chapter Two: The King of Evil’s Grand Return

“So run me through this one more time,” Goku told Kazuya. They were standing in the kitchen, which had just been recently wired with Kazuya’s new technology. It fit in quite well, looking much like a smoke detector, and sounding relatively close to one also.
“Okay, I’ve wired the alarm so that it sends out waves. If the waves come back to source, the alarm, and they are stronger than they originally were, the alarm reads it as a seismic disturbance, and it goes off, then we go to that spot, and see what’s happening,” Kazuya answered.
“Now how does it work with every planet? I don’t get that part at all,” Goku said, face red with embarrassment.
“Yeah, it’s a little hard to understand at first. Jet and I sat down and studied his digivice a little bit, and from that I put together some of the realm traveling properties in the alarm. It’s almost like a mini vortex. It’s always projecting waves across all of the planets we’ve been to,” Kazuya explained.
“Oh! I see! Kind of like a warp portal?” Goku questioned.
“Almost exactly, except it is much smaller, barely even visible,” Kazuya noted.
“Hello,” Twindora said happily from the entrance of the training unit.
“Who are you and why did you sneak into the house?” Goku asked.
“If it is really important to know, ask Jet. All that matters now is that I’m on this team. My name is Twindora,” Twindora answered.
“Okay…where is Jet?” Kazuya asked.
“He’s resting,” Zelda declared, appearing behind the armored warrior. By the tone of voice she had and the way she said the words, the three others who were standing there could tell she didn’t intend to let anyone disturb him.
“Couldn’t we just get a word with him?” Goku asked, raising his hand into the air and rubbing the back of his head sheepishly like he always did when he was discussing a touchy topic.
“Under no circumstances at all. I refuse. Jet needs his rest, and he is going to get it. You don’t know how badly that demon hurt him,” Zelda insisted.
“But he doesn’t even have to sit up,” Kazuya stated.
“I know, because he won’t be awake,” Zelda said with a smile.
“Well how are we going to talk to him then?” Goku asked.
“I think that’s the point, saiya-jin,” Kazuya said with a sigh.
“Oh…” Goku said slowly, face red.
“If you have any questions, why don’t you just ask me,” Twindora suggested.
“Okay…where are you from?” Goku asked, eyeing the man’s peculiar armor up and down.
“I come from a planet called Zedusria. I serve the King Arbbadeus,” Twindora answered.
“Where’s Zedusria?” Kazuya asked.
“Right next to Hyrule,” Twindora answered.
“Wow….” Zelda said, eyes wide, fixed on the ground.
“What?” Twindora questioned, slightly alarmed at her surprise.
“I’ve never heard of it, nor seen it on starlit nights,” Zelda commented faintly, almost to herself.
“Because it is visible by Hylians but once a year, on the first full moon of the first month of the new year,” Twindora explained.
“Why is that?” Zelda asked.
“A magical seal….long ago, Hyrule and Zedusria used to be nearly as one, sister planets in every regard. Then the small Hylian tribe broke free of its alliance with Zedusria, a much stronger kingdom at the time, and when the war of unity was won, and Hyrule became a kingdom instead of a rebel faction, all ties between Hyrule and Zedusria were broken, and that spell was placed,” Twindora answered.
“But…why did Hyrule completely cut ties with Zedusria?” Zelda asked.
“…yes, you can only see Zedusria on that night though,” Twindora continued on, ignoring Zelda’s question uncomfortably.
“Twindora…..why?” Zelda asked again.
“There are things in Hyrule’s past….and things in Zedusria’s past….and some of the things mixed…and some of the things matched, and created great occurrences, wealth coming to the poorest villages, water to the driest deserts. But…alas, some things did not match, and what they spawned….well…..” Twindora’s voice trailed off.
“I suppose that is about as much of an answer as I can expect from you then?” Zelda asked, hands on her hips.
“They are things that I as a bodyguard of the king am not even allowed to speak of, and personally your highness, I don’t like talking of such matters,” Twindora said darkly in response to Zelda’s half joking question.
“Fine…don’t answer me….keep your secrets. Hyrule thrived, and I’ve never heard of this Zedusria at all,” Zelda said doubtfully.
“Hyrule is in need now…and it this kind of chaos…that Hell Modeus demon…it is that kind of chaos that….t-that…ugh, I’m wasting my time,” Twindora said, walking into the living room without another word.
“That was odd,” Goku said.
“Yes…” Zelda agreed weakly.
“How is Jet doing?” Kazuya asked, changing the subject with as much speed as he could.
“….horribly. It’s just one terrible happening after another. We all die, then he goes and almost dies for me, comes back, dies in spite of his efforts, and comes back in enough time to combat a demon and almost die again. Half dead doesn’t do his condition justice. He’s closer to death than I’ve ever seen a person. It’s the worst pain he’s ever experienced, and in the face of all of it, he has to stay strong. All of this is my doing. I brought him into royalty…it was my doing,” Zelda said shamefully.
“He doesn’t regret it, Zelda. He talks about you nonstop. He couldn’t love you more,” Goku reassured the Hylian.
“Mmmm….I’m going to go check up on him,” Zelda said, turning toward the entrance of the training unit.
“Zelda…” Kazuya called out, trying to get her attention before she disappeared into the training unit.
“Yes?” she asked weakly, turning again.
“I speak from one experienced in the delicate art of tragedy…if he is close to death, do not hold it against him if he chooses to leave this life…don’t be to hurt if he doesn’t awaken,” Kazuya finished quietly.
“…I…n-nothing,” Zelda said quietly, her face pale and white as the crescent moon shrouded behind grey clouds. She turned quickly, going down the staircase that led to the training unit.

A cliff. A tall cliff. He sat on the edge of it, overlooking a vast sea of clear and calm waters, not a fish stirring, nor a boat on the horizon. The sun was shrouded, but brightness did not fail to be present in the area. He looked into the water, seeing nothing below the surface of the massive sea. Shades of blue fluttered to black, then to crystal, all an illusion of the light. He loved illusions. Things that weren’t real, nor could they be, coming to life through things that occurred in nature, or in imagination alone.
He sat in his gym leader’s tunic, the brown fabric lighter than usual, the cool breeze flowing through it and gently lashing at his arms. He smiled. His legs dangled over the edge of the cliff, going nearly straight out into the air, then retreating to the cliff wall. He dislodged several rocks every now and then doing this, but he cared not. It was perfect. This was paradise in his eyes.
The shadow came first. Then the flowing white robes. Finally the entire form of Kenji Ta-Huna, a man who had appeared to Jet numerous times through his dreams, came into view. His eyes were pure black, no hint of light at all. His hair was the same color, very long, flowing down to his back. He had a long slightly curved katana sheathed at his back, the hilt a glowing gold, the blade a shimmering silver. Jet had asked the man to show it to him before, but he refused, saying that blades were not toys, and that he would not treat them as such.
Kenji sat slowly, being careful that his sword didn’t hit the ground behind him, preventing him from sitting, and possibly making him lose his balance. A gentle look crossed his face, and a faint smile entered his lips. Jet compared his likeness to a stone before now, unmoving and powerful, in emotion and strength. He clasped his hands together, and opened his mouth slightly as if to speak, then closed it again, a smile crossing his face once more. After several more minutes his eyes blinked once, and he spoke slowly, his voice rich and deep. It was almost a treat to hear him speak, as his voice was unique, dark but not evil in sound. And calm thought not lulling.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” he asked.
“It’s an incredible sea…” Jet agreed.
“The waters are wonderful when calm…but they can be a great evil to deal with when they become restless,” Kenji stated.
“That’s when you try to calm them,” Jet said, as if it was natural logic.
“Well, tell me, how many sailors do you know who can control the water?” Kenji asked. Jet was silent. “It is not always that easy to get the beauty back. Control isn’t something you always have,” Kenji said.
“Ain’t it the truth,” Jet agreed.
“Indeed,” Kenji said slowly.
“What’s up with this? I mean like, how do you seem to like, know what I’m going through?” Jet asked.
“I know a lot…don’t act so surprised. Our paths aren’t so different, and if the lessons I have learned pertain also to you, then so be it,” Kenji answered.
“That was a bit gruff,” Jet said, slightly surprised.
“Heh….” Kenji laughed a little. He looked down into the waters again, then into the distance. His eyes narrowed. He put his hand behind Jet’s back and with force, pushed him off the cliff, leaping off behind him. They hit the water as if it were a solid concrete road, and they thrashed about for several minutes, trying to keep afloat in the midst of pain.
“What the hell was that for?!” Jet asked between coughs and gasps, spitting out water.
“Look up,” Kenji answered, coughing. Jet complied, and the ledge they had been sitting on collapsed into hundreds of pieces slowly, falling into the water, a massive cloud of dust appearing.
“Woah…” Jet said, dripping mouth open in shock.
“That would have hurt a deal more than landing in water alone. Do not be hasty, Jet. But remember, do not be asleep to your surroundings. Find a balance…there is one,” Kenji said calmly.
“A balance?” Jet asked.
“…Yes,” Kenji answered. Jet was pulled under the water suddenly, and he thrashed about wildly, trying desperately to break free from invisible bonds. Water filled his mouth and nose, and in several minutes, darkness overcame him.

“Jet?” Zelda asked.
“Um….guess I was asleep,” Jet said, opening his eyes and realizing he was still alive.
“Um…how do you feel?” Zelda asked slowly, the sense of worry in her voice evident.
“Like crap…ah my whole body’s achin. To be honest, Zel…I’ve never felt this horrible,” Jet answered slowly.
“Can I ask you something?” Zelda questioned, a pained look in her blue eyes.
“Yeah, sure Zel,” Jet answered, concern written all over his facial expressions.
“You…um…you don’t…want to die…do you?” Zelda asked, a tear rolling down her cheek.
“I couldn’t afford to…I mean…with all of Hyrule and the team counting on me…I just couldn’t,” Jet answered calmly.
“Jet…honey…please just answer my question. Responsibilities aside, if you could die right now…w-would you want to?” Zelda asked.
“Well…yes…” Jet answered very slowly.
“…then…don’t hold back…Jet…if you want to…then…you can leave this place,” Zelda said with a pitiful voice, the words nearly indistinguishable among her loud sobs.
“No…honey…I’m not about to leave you…I couldn’t…I love you with all of my heart…and I refuse to let go of that, not for anything,” Jet declared strongly. He sat up, gently wiping the tears from Zelda’s eyes. He slowly grabbed her hand, her loving touch something he had nearly forgotten in the dark events that had recently occurred.
“But you want to leave! You want to die!” Zelda sobbed out.
“No…I want to protect you…I want to be with you…in safety…I wanna wait for a day that you and I can be in peace without worry or darkness,” Jet said, holding her hand tighter.
“But waiting won’t get us any closer to that day,” Zelda said sadly.
“Which is why I’m willing to fight for it,” Jet said with a warm smile.
“Thank you,” Zelda said with a smile. She let go of his hand and slowly backed away, ready to let him sleep.
“Zel…don’t be so shy…I know what ya want,” Jet said with a smirk.
“I’m sorry…it’s selfish I know…I just…need to be in your arms,” Zelda said, face red.
“Nah…I need you too…climb in Zel, I know you need rest,” Jet said.
“Are you sure? I mean um…well daddy and Impa have always told me it was an evil to sleep with a man and I don’t want to do-,” she was cut off.
Jet leaned forward and kissed Zelda on the lips, then spoke, “We’re married Zel. It’s really okay to sleep with me…I mean considering that night in front of the temple of Death and all.”
“Yes…I suppose I will get some rest,” Zelda said with a smile, removing her shoes and laying next to Jet.
“Zel, you’re gonna get cold down here like that, lay under the covers,” Jet told her in a caring voice.
“Okay…but stop reversing roles,” Zelda instructed, placing the blanket over her body.
“Role reversal?” Jet asked, eyebrow raised.
“You’re hurt. I should be taking care of you, not the other way around,” Zelda explained.
“Zel…taking care of you actually makes me feel better,” Jet assured her. He put his arms around her body, holding her tightly, not willing to let go of her again. She smiled, closing her eyes and easing her muscles, her every breath matched with Jet’s. she let go of every bit of doubt and fear she had in this moment and melted into Jet, the feeling of safety she had in his arms unmatched by anything else.
“I love you so much…I’d be so lost without you,” Zelda said slowly, a tone of happiness in her voice.
“I love you too Zel…with all of my heart. But um…can I tell you something?” Jet asked.
“Yes…” Zelda answered, slightly worried.
“Well…when I was at the crossroads…I was told something from a voice inside my head…I was told that if I continue my life…like I was leading it…that I would go to Hell,” Jet said thoughtfully.
“Then change your life,” Zelda told him sleepily.
“Change my life…thanks Zelda,” Jet said. She had already fallen asleep in his arms. Jet smiled and slowly drifted into slumber.

“Servant!” Ganon yelled at a nearby Doomknocker.
“Yes my lord?” he asked, stepping forward.
“Any word of the Triforce Team among the army?” Ganon asked.
“No my lord,” the Doomknocker answered.
“I shall lure them out myself then,” Ganon said, turning to leave his chamber and enter Hyrule field.

Two hours had passed. Jet and Zelda had gotten much needed sleep, some of the exhaustion gone from their bodies. Jet’s wounds were still horribly painful, the deeper ones still bleeding. They continued to sit in the cool air conditioned training unit’s healing bed, and although it wasn’t the most comfortable mattress or the softest sheets, Jet was with Zelda, and he couldn’t complain.
“Have any good dreams?” Zelda asked happily.
“Well….uhh….funny you should ask about my dreams,” Jet said slightly surprised.
“Why?” Zelda asked.
“Well….um, there’s this gu-,” Jet was cut off by a ringing sound. The dark training unit was illuminated red by a flashing light in the alarm that had been installed there. Jet and Zelda quickly got ready for combat, readying their weapons and clothes.
“Jet…you shouldn’t go out…we can handles this,” Zelda told him. He embraced her, kissing her quickly on the lips.
“I need to be with my team…” Jet said quietly. Zelda argued no more. The team met up with them in the training unit, and with a swift movement of Jet’s digivice, the team was off to face some unknown danger in the already nearly ruined Hyrule field. They hoped it was nothing too serious, as even a small threat could potentially tear Hyrule apart to the point of no return. They went into the warp portal carefully.

Hyrule field. There he stood, amidst the flaming madness and black strangling smoke. Green skin on muscle, the light shining from his three eyes illuminating his face softly. His breastplate engraved with a Triforce symbol had been replaced, as was his black cape. He had knee guards, a large spike emerging from the center. His sword was gone, but he had the power of the sacred triangle on his side once more, and needed it not.
Ganon had returned, but was no longer in demon form. His power had lowered greatly, but the King of Evil was back nonetheless. He grinned darkly, and got into a ready stance.
“L-look…I defeated you once…I’ll get you again…” Jet said in a weak voice.
“Oh, shut up. Triforce of Power!” Ganon screamed, blasting the golden light at Jet. He was hit and flew backwards, making no effort at a recovery. Zelda stepped forward now, an outraged look upon her cloth covered face, her hands tightly clenched into fists.
“You’re an evil tyrant! I knew your true intent the minute I saw you so many years ago in the castle garden! I knew it! You were an evil scoundrel who cared for nobody except for yourself! You need to die once and for all!” Zelda screamed. She readied her daggers and ran at Ganon, kicking him in the face then stabbing at him. He was cut in several places, but not seriously wounded. He hit Zelda in the back of the head, and she flew backwards.
“Okay…now it’s my turn to take a whack at it,” Twindora said stepping forward and cracking his fingers.
“Oh…a new one to play with,” Ganon said happily.
“Oh? Temple Link Blast!” he yelled, and the Triforce piece’s light tore through the air, parting the smoke and hitting the King of Evil in the chest. He bled from the wound, and grunted before warping away. They had won for the moment.

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