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Well yeah this is my first story that I had ever posted on a web, weird huh? Anyway I hope my first chapter won’t be too boring...but I bet it will be better in the middle. Just to tell you the basics of the story: if you see this ( ) between a sentence then it means what people are saying in their thoughts, _____ means another sequence of the story or scene. and that’s it....Hope you people will enjoy this! ^_^



Chapter 1: Visiting An Old Friend



 Once upon a time in a land of Hyrule it was saved long ago by a courageous Hylian, he never gave up hope for his people...even the world. After defeating Ganondorf from his terrible plans Hyrule was in peace thanks to their noble Hero of Time. But in this story Link has another mysterious quest that awaits him along the way. Here it begins another new legend...

 Nine years had passed in Hyrule, everyone was in peace everywhere, in Hyrule castle was very busy and miserable, Princess Zelda was in her room dressing up for a special ceremony for her dad’s birthday. She stares at herself doubtfully at the mirror which she is wearing a very long dress, with a color of ruby red, with her hair braided on two ends, and wearing an emerald green necklace. Suddenly she hears a soft knock on her door.

“ Zelda? Are you in there?” said the King.

“ Yes father...” Zelda responding.

The King came in slowly astonished by his daughter.

“ Oh my... you look beautiful.”

“ Why thank you Dad, well happy birthday!”

Zelda smiles and hugs her father dearly.

“ I’m so proud of you Zelda.”

“ Oh I’m proud of you too... I just wish Mom was here with us right now.”

“Oh she will in our hearts.”

“Yes,” starting to pause “yes your right” she smiles once again.

As the King had left the room Zelda stares at the two framed window, thinking what’s happening to everyone at this time. Then she made a quick thought. ( I wonder what it’s is like being outside. Hmm...I wonder what my old friend Link is doing?) Zelda begins to sigh of loneliness.


 Back in the Kikori Forest are Kikori kids playing around in the forest while Link is sleeping on his comfy bed.

“Zzzzzzz....Zzzzzzzz.....”Link snoring loudly.

“ Link?! Link?!” Saria shouting.

Link wakes up swiftly.

“Huh? Waa?” saying it in a confused way.( Hmm I must be hearing things)

“ Ah oh well whatever...”said Link.

Link goes back to sleep turned to the side, his eyes partly opened. Then Saria pops up out of nowhere.

“ Hi Link!!! What’s up?!”shouting at Link’s ear.

“Dah!!!” Link falls off his bed, falling straight on his face on the hard floor.

“Don’t scare me like that!” Link hissed.

“Oh I’m sorry Link.” she pats his head in a frowned face.

“ Aw it’s okay, just promise me not to do that again. Promise?”

“Yeah. Yeah.” with a devilish grin.

“ Hey don’t look at me like that.” looking at Saria in a concerned way.

Saria begins to giggle.

“Well anyway can you play with us Link? Please?”

“ Oh sorry I’m planning to travel around a bit and to visit an old friend.”

“Aw...” Link dresses up while talking.

“Maybe next time.”

“Okay.” Link pats Saria’s head then leaves off. (-.-)

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