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Chapter Two
Ganon never stayed dead for long.
Ever since he had first transformed, he knew he could never be truly killed. Link had just recently managed to kill him a few short months ago, but now, he finally stirred again. His gruesome wounds had finally healed over, and his rage had grown. Link had defeated him for the third time. Ganon’s pride had been injured as well as his body.
It just wasn’t fair! The first time, Ganon had started off as Ganondorf, and so he had always assumed that that had been the reason why he had been beaten the first time. The second time, he had been resurrected with a poor sacrifice, and so he had not fought well because of it. However, his third plan had been in the prophecies. It should have worked. It was all that blasted wench’s fault. The Mistake had interfered, and it had cost him.
Ganon directed his anger from Link to this girl. Link was an excellent swordsman and Hero, but he never would have succeeded if it weren’t for the girl.
A plan began to form inside of Ganon’s mind. However, for it to work, he would need one of his more superior minions. He hadn’t actually created this minion. Link had created him when he unwittingly stepped across the Lake of Shadows. This had been in the alternate timeline, but Ganon had managed to salvage him. This minion had actually given Link a lot of trouble in the Water Temple…
“Loki!” bellowed the Evil King. “Loki, get in here! I need you!”
Dark shadows from the corners of the room slowly began to concentrate. They moved sluggishly from their original places to a spot in front of Ganon on the stone floor. When they reached their destination, they began to spiral upwards into the form of a young man. The man was wearing clothes and a sword, but they and the rest of his body were completely black. “You called, Master?” he asked.
Ganon cringed. Loki had originally been called Dark Link, but Ganon had hated calling for any sort of “Link,” even if he worked for him. Loki’s voice was exactly like Link’s too. After all, he had been Link’s shadow.
“Yes, Loki. I need to you do something for me. It’s very important. Come with me. I want to have dinner first, and then I’ll explain.”
“Yes, Master,” Loki replied, and he followed his Master out of the room.

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