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"Link...Link....LINK!" Sheik yells in the Hyrulian's ear. "Ok, ok, I'm up..." Link says, rubbing his eyes. Link gets up and and he moves his hand around in the grass, looking for his sword. He looks down to see the spot where his sword once was. "" he begins to think, "SHEIK!" he looks up to see Sheik running off with his sword in hand. Link jumps up, slips his boots on and runs after the Sheika. Link catches up to Sheik, of course and gets behind her. Link puts his arms out and squeezes them around Sheik. "What the...." Sheik says, surprised. "Gotcha!" Link whispers in Sheik's ear, smiling. He turns her around and takes the sword from her. "Never do that again!" The Hyrulian says, smiling as he slips the sword back into it's sheath. He takes Sheik's hands, looks into her eyes and says, "Sheik...I have something to tell you..."

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