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The Legend of Zelda
The Rise of the Hell Lords


Hyrule, Termina, Earth, Labrynna, Kohnolint island, Holodrum, Subrosia, all of the planets nearly right next to each other. However, none of the planets knew of the other’s existence, Hyrule had some clue about Holodrum and Labrynna thanks to the exploits of the Hero of Time, but other than that, none knew that there were any realms beyond the one they stood in.
Hyrule was a beautiful land, filled with many races, and supreme peace. It was home to the entrance of the Sacred Realm, and it used to be the resting place of the infamous Triforce of legend. The king, Harkinarian ruled the kingdom of Hyrule with his daughter Zelda, and the land’s peace was kept by Link, the Hero of Time, and his faithful partners Epona the steed, and Navi and Tatl the fairies.
The neighboring realm was Termina, an area technologically advanced when compared to Hyrule, and home to many different races and civilizations as different as night and day. At the center of the planet rested a city known as Clocktown divided into four different sectors, and it was the capitol of life and business in the world.
Labrynna is a planet absorbed by myth and lore, the land watched over by an oracle, and constantly at danger from a sorceress who has been revived from death many times. Mostly dominated by Labrynnans, the rarer of races hide on islands or live underwater.
Holodrum is a planet closely linked to Labrynna, as it is also watched over by an oracle, but the land is more at peace. In the northern area of the planet there rests a temple of four seasons, a place to pay homage to the fairies of the seasons. It is also the entrance through which one can reach the volcanic realm of Subrosia.
Kohnolint Island is a very large area surrounded by people and temples and magical animals gifted with speech, but its most interesting feature is undoubtedly Mount Tamarach, the resting place of the hatched Windfish’s egg. Many travelers often go out to sea then go through a magical portal and unknowingly end up in the planet of Labrynna or Holodrum.
And last there is Earth. The most ignorant planet, using every natural resource and literally killing the planet to make life easier, the inhabitants with the most intelligence, the humans, are most likely going to be the ones to destroy the planet. But even the planet Earth has some part to play before this tale is finished.
There are two realms that are rarely spoken of, for few are aware of their existence, except the humans, who build entire beliefs around the areas. These two realms are Heaven and Hell. The realm of Heaven is where the one true God reigns with an army of angel’s waiting for the right time to end the planets life. And the other realm is Hell, where the demonic fallen angel Devil rules with an ever growing army of demon’s, trying to turn people from the path of God and corrupting their hearts, feeding them lies and promises, and then torturing them in his realm when they die. These turned humans are known as the damned. An army of suffering hurting people they are, dead, yet still willing to serve, as their deceitful master even now in their ultimate doom promises them unlimited pleasure if they overthrow the realm of Heaven, a task which is impossible. But for now our gaze leaves the realms of Heaven and Hell and moves towards a much more commonly known area. To Termina. In an uncharted area of Snowhead….

Chapter 1: The Triforce Team is Formed

It was cold. Small snowflakes fell very quickly from the white sky, the crystalline formations unique in shape, catching small rays of sunlight now and then, and turning many different colors before melting or falling to the all ready covered ground. It was beautiful. One of the most beautiful sights anyone could hope to behold in their life. But the two warriors standing in the area had no time to care.
Link dug his Kokiri boots deep into the snow and unsheathed his Master sword. He grabbed the hilt with both hands and held on to his blade tightly. The Master sword. It used to be locked away in the Temple of Time. In fact, just the day before, it was. But Link had gotten news from people in the market that his enemy had returned. The man he now faced was Ganondorf Dragmire. Long ago this man sneaked into the Sacred Realm and stole the Triforce of Power, turning all of the temples of Hyrule evil, and casting a veil of shadow over the land. He had built a mighty castle, and was the supreme ruler of Hyrule.
It was then that Link traveled to the future where Ganondorf ruled and struck him down with the Master sword. Helping him in this quest was Sheik, the princess, Zelda in disguise. The two overthrew Ganon, locking him in the Sacred Realm, then leaving behind the ruined Hyrule in another time zone, then locking the Master sword away.
But when Link heard of Ganon’s return, he went to the temple of Time and took the sword from its pedestal once again. Ganondorf looked at Link with an evil smile. The dark lord indeed still possessed the Triforce of Power, a sacred relic left behind by the goddesses who created Hyrule. Link had the Triforce of Courage, and Zelda had the Triforce of Wisdom. There is lore of another piece, but it has never been found. Ganondorf wore a large cape with the designs of his kingdom, Gerudo fortress, a land consisting of all women, in which he was the only man, thus the automatic ruler. Some of the women thought it was unfair that Ganon ruled because he was a man, while others served him like a god. He wore black armor with several gems, one of which he always kept on his forehead, and he had spiked red hair.
“Give it up all ready. You know you can’t win,” Ganondorf called out loudly, fighting to be heard above the icy breeze.
“How can you be so sure Mandrag?” Link asked, calling Ganon by his other name.
“Because…. In my travels I came across something that you might be missing,” Ganondorf said in a proud tone.
He reached behind his cape and lifted up a mask that looked much like Link’s face, except it had long white bangs and red and blue face paint. He grinned and then laughed.
“The fierce deity’s mask!” Link yelled, astonished.
The fierce deity’s mask was one of the magical masks made on Termina, and in it was the power of a warrior. Whoever wore that mask would take the body of a god, and wield the Helix sword, a large blade with magical abilities. Ganon did not hesitate at all and quickly placed the mask on his face.
He was surrounded by a swirling mass of blue energy, and the skies darkened, and a bright flash of light temporarily blinded Link, and when he opened his eyes, he no longer saw Ganon in front of him, but an exact clone of him. Near enough anyway. It stood nearly ten feet tall, wielding the helix sword and wearing a fuchsia Hylian tunic covered in black armor and belts. It had black tights and an undershirt beneath the tunic, and wore a fuchsia hat over it’s silver hair, with long bangs coming down just over it’s white eyes. It’s face was surrounded by blue and red paint, and it grinned.
Ganon had put on the fierce deity’s mask. Link tightened his grip on the Master sword. The two warriors stared at each other for a long time, snow collecting on their clothes and armor, the sun gleaming on their blades. Link then charged at Ganon with a ferocity that he did not expect. Link unleashed four slashes upon Ganon, and he blocked each one easily with the Helix blade. Catching Link off guard, he punched him in the face hard, bruising his cheek and making him lose balance. He fell to the snowy ground, dazed and in pain.
“With this, I will destroy you once and for all, Hero of Time!” Ganon yelled triumphantly. He raised the Helix blade high in the air, but just before he could plant it in Link’s chest, the hylian rolled out of the way and kicked Ganon in the stomach, then stabbed him in the face with the Master sword. The fierce deity’s mask cracked into many pieces, and Ganon was left in his regular form, kneeling in the snow.
Before Link had a chance to realize his victory though, he was surrounded by an odd blue light and sucked into a vortex. He lost all sense of time and space, and flew through a seemingly endless spiraling tunnel of multi colored energy. He closed his eyes, not knowing just what was in store for him wherever he ended up, or if he would indeed end up anywhere, or if he was doomed to die, endlessly trapped in this spinning vortex of energy.

It was a quiet life. It hadn’t always been that way. In his early days as a small child, his parents had died, leaving him alone to care for himself. The one thing his parents had given him before they died was a yin- yang that he always wore around his neck. He had stolen a poke’dex from Professor Oak long ago and captured his first poke’mon in the forest, then moved on to become a poke’mon master, and eventually a gym leader in the platinum league, holding the Skull badge.
It was there that he found the crystal master ball, and got whisked away into another dimension through a warp portal. He landed in the Digital world, and there he met the digi- destined. He was assigned a digimon partner, Haugurumon, and received a digivice. He held the crest of compassion, and when their long journeys were over, he married the digi-destined Kari.
Jet now lived with Kari in his old house in Pallet Town, Earth, the area where he was born and raised, and indeed the same house he had lived in all his life. When he was twelve, he joined the Platinum league of gym leader’s and many of Viridian’s workers had begun work on building him a training unit for poke’mon battles beneath his house.
The unit was made of indestructible steel, and was just recently finished. Jet was now twenty-one, and his wife Kari twenty.
Jet chopped a mushroom several times with a small knife. He was preparing a pizza for dinner, and he loved mushrooms. Indeed cooking was one of the skills Jet tended to hide from strangers, as he was afraid it made him seem less manly, and to Jet, image was everything.
He himself was very handsome. He had a blonde bull cut, a hair style he had since he was roughly eight. He wore a poke’mon T-shirt, black shorts down to his knees, and dirty socks. He always wore a watch and wristband also. He was quite muscular by a human’s standards, and he had blue eyes that could pierce people’s thoughts if he stared at them intently enough. His eyes alone had often won poke’mon battles long ago, as he struck a certain fear into his enemies hearts, just by the way he looked at them. Jet was mysterious like that. He lacked physical power, but his heart seemed to frighten some.
A warp portal opened in Jet’s kitchen suddenly, and a very strange figure appeared in front of Jet.
Jet judged that he was about five foot seven, and his arms were thin, but he had muscular legs. Apparently he did a lot of running. He wore a pair of brown boots with buckles on them, and wore white tights and a white undershirt. He had a green tunic on, with a belt strapped across his chest. On his hands were gauntlets, and both of his pointed ears were pierced. He wore a green hat, had long blonde bangs, and blue eyes. Most peculiar to Jet was the sword and shield hanging from his back.
Both people were completely speechless. It was then that Kari walked in the kitchen. She had short hair, and wore pink all the time. She had a camera around her neck, as photography was a slight hobby of hers.
“I heard a loud noise and…”her voice trailed off as she saw the stranger in their house.
“Whoa… who’s the good looking lady?” Link asked, breaking the awkward silence .
“My WIFE!” Jet answered enraged.
“Oh…. Um sorry,” Link said, stepping back.
“Who, might I ask, are you?” Jet questioned impatiently.
“My name is Link, and if you ask why I am here, I can’t honestly tell you, but I’ll try to explain what happened to me so far,” Link began.
“Okay… explain away,” Jet said, calming down.

After Link was done explaining his story to Jet, he and Kari sat there for a moment, trying to process it all. it was a rather unbelievable story, but after what Jet had seen in the Digital world, he doubted little that was told to him.
“Okay…. Now explain the getup,” Jet said.
“What? This is a Kokiri tunic. Everyone in the Kokiri forest wears one. I’m a Hylian, but I was still raised in the forest, and I guess I just feel comfortable wearing this,” Link answered.
“Okay… I think I’m beginning to understand this is a little…,” Jet said.
“Well…. Now that I found you, can I ask you for some help?” Link asked.
“Help with what?” Jet questioned.
“ I am fighting an evil warlord named Ganondorf Dragmire, and I need assistance in killing him,” Link said.
“ Dude… we aren’t fighters… its not something me and Kari tend to do too often,” Jet said, looking around nervously.
“ I know but I’m really desperate… I can’t defeat Ganon on my own again!” Link pleaded.
“The most I can do for you is send you back home,” Jet said.
He sat in his computer chair and quickly typed in several random codes of digits and letters. He then pulled out his digivice, a tool which he used to use to travel between Earth and the Digital world, and pointed it at the monitor.
“Digi port open!” He called out, and with that, the same spiraling blue vortex of energy Link saw earlier came out of the monitor and slowly grew. Link now knew this vortex a digital portal, digi port for short, which allowed people and objects to travel between dimensions and planets.
It was then that Jet’s plan for a peaceful afternoon were ruined completely. With a sudden burst of flame and energy, Jet’s wall collapsed, and coming out of another warp portal was a man with spiked red hair and no pupils, a third eye glowing on his forehead. He rode on a steed, and swung his mighty sword through the air. This was Ganon in his second strongest physical form.
“This is your fault somehow Link… I just can tell,” Jet said, shaking his head, not surprised in the least by the mounted invader.
“Less words, more fight,” Link said in a rushed tone.
Jet picked up the knife he was using to chop the mushrooms, and twirled it around foolishly, pretending to be skilled at it. Link unsheathed his Master sword and held his Hylian shield at the ready. Kari armed herself with a pot, wanting to be helpful in some way instead of sitting out.
The three ran outside to meet Ganon in combat, and he halted right in front of Link. He jumped off his steed, and attacked Link. The hylian parried the blow, and followed it quickly with a spin attack. Ganon was hit, but barely hurt. He spun his blade around his head and then brought it down hard upon Link, who barely raised his shield in time.
Link then focused his magical energy, and after a few moments of concentration, he changed physical form. He now took on the shape of Fierce Deity. He slashed at Ganon with the Helix sword. Ganon blocked the blow quickly, but didn’t expect the jump attack that followed. Link came down upon his shoulder, and caused a large bleeding wound to appear on his body. Ganon was now enraged, and charged towards Link, who quickly did a spin attack, and cut Ganon’s body clean in half. Both halves fell to the floor, dead. They then exploded in a burst of blue fire, leaving no sign of a body. Link dropped his shield, sheathed his sword, and relaxed.

Zelda walked into the aged stone halls of the Temple of Time dressed in bandages around her face and hair, and wearing blue and black Sheikah cloth. This was her disguise. While wearing this she was not Zelda, nor did she even claim to be a woman, but she was Sheik. She had two daggers strapped to her thighs, and a chain whip on her left hip above the dagger. Behind her back she also stored at least one hundred razor sharp needles at any given time. Indeed she knew how to fight, and how to use magic, but she had only told her father as of late.
She walked down the red carpet of the temple, staring at the altar in which the three spiritual stones sat, and then noticing something wrong, the Door of Time…. Wide open. This disturbed Zelda greatly. She had a telepathic connection with Link, and it did not take her long to pinpoint his location. She used warping magic very quickly, then headed to Earth.

Link had gone to sleep on the grass of Jet’s backyard, while Jet tried to evaluate the damages done to his wall. Kari stood back looking at Link, then looking at Jet, then closing her eyes and thinking to herself about the whole situation. She thought things might return to normal, when another warp portal appeared. Out of this vortex came Zelda, and looking at Link she walked slowly beside him and kicked him lightly in the chest.
“Wake up Link,” Zelda said in a low tone.
“Huh… oh…hi Zelda,” Link said in a tired voice.
“Who are you?” Jet asked.
“My name is Sheik…. Or you could call me Zelda… right now what is important is the message I need to tell you Link. I saw Ganon march across Hyrule field numerous minutes ago,” Zelda said.
“That’s impossible! I just killed him!” Link yelled in astonishment.
“ Wrong… he used magic and revived Phantom Ganon,” she said quietly.
“ Now will you guys help me?” Link asked.
“ Hmm….. yeah fine… I’m in,’ Jet answered.

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