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I am a sage. But not just any sage. I was created by the goddesses themselves and deemed too powerful to unleash upon Hyrule. So they locked me into the Sacred Realm. I stayed there, waiting for them to let me out. I came to hate Hyrule and it’s residents. Then, on that one fateful day, when Zelda banished Ganondorf to the Sacred Realm, I took his place. The pain was excruciating. I felt like I was being ripped in half. I was sent to the past, the timeline the princess sent Link. But, in the seven years until Link became an adult again, I learned Hyrule was a place to fight for, not fight against. My powers were taught to me by the sages, only they know of my special role. I am the sage of elements. Although I never had a real name, everyone I know calls me Elm. I am experienced with twin swords and of course, magic. I have black hair, and eyes and the normal Hylian ears. For some reason unknown even to me I seem to love wearing black cloaks.
Lately it’s been getting dark in Hyrule. I think a new evil is coming. Seven years ago I would have fought with it. Nowadays I feel the goddesses planned it all. This will be, a test of my loyalty.

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