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Darkness falls and he drifts farther from the light
Reaching out for that one beacon of hope
A star
Although faint, he can still see the resonating light
It soothes his soul as he trembles from cold
For as long as the star keeps shining
The long-lost glorious days will be remembered

He reaches his hand out,
But he always falls short
What more does he need to prove to the Gods?
His hands are like claws lusting for the power that the star could bring to him
It taunts him and torments his sea-scarred soul
But his own satisfaction can wait
His needs are not important to anybody but him,
So why should he follow them?

Better to remain a hero
A number one in people’s hearts
Then to die a life of nothingness
Better to be remembered
Then to be forgotten like words of love written in the sand
So he makes one final wish
And the star flickers softly
And finally falls…
Along with a hero’s broken sword

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