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I'm sorry my old friend...
I told you I would fight again,
But this battle I can't seem to win.
Every time I think
That I've reached the end,
I always to wind up
At the beginning again.

Can't you see?
I'm desperate now.
When I try to scream,
It makes no sound.
And it's harder to breath
This time around.
So can I appologize,
For letting you down?

Back in the beginning,
I thought it would be fun...
But now you see,
It's far to dark
To see the sun.
And I'm afraid
That it has only begun...
So, do you see now?

It's really tough,
To live life that way.
To hold on to nothing,
Day after day.
And no one cared
To wonder why.
They just sent me out;
Left me to die

I never got a say
In my own destiny,
This war has stolen
The best of me.
I feel broken...
So I have to find the rest of me.

I'm sorry.
I broke our promiss.
I'm sorry.
That I can't fix this.
I guess,
That's all there is in the end
Just, I'm sorry.

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