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Legend of Zelda: Return of Darkness

Authors note: This story takes place 2 months after the epilogue of "Death Raven". It is recommended that you read that story first before you read this one.

Southern Hyrule Field, 1192 AD.

"Master, when will we begin the attack? We have already blocked all roads and trade routes, and they are now in a shortage of food."
"Patience, we will begin when I say so, so shut up and get back in your tent."
"Alright master." The man walked out of the tent. The other man stood up and picked up his sword and battle armor. The man`s name was Roland, and he was the prince of Termina. Roland was the leader of a militia army, poised to attack Hyrule Castle, to claim it as Terminian lands, and let Hyrule think that Termina is the enemy. The king of Termina didn`t know this, as Roland was doing it in secret. Then, Roland would send an assassin to kill the king of Termina, then Roland would claim the throne. Roland walked out of his tent.
"Ready the soldiers," Roland instructed. The soldiers marched towards Hyrule castle, with the battering ram in front. A watchtower guard spotted the soldiers and rang the bell.

The people in the town heard the bell. The sound of the bell means that there are soldiers invading the castle. The men grabbed axes, sickles, anything that could defend themselves and their families. The king was alerted also, and he sent all the guards that he could at the gate.

Roland`s soldiers pushed the ram towards the gate, causing it to break open. At this moment, hundreds of Roland`s soldiers rushed in the castle, and on the other side, Hylians rushed towards the enemy, but they were unsucessful. The power and force of the enemy was too great. The civilians were unprotected. They were either killed or taken prisoner. The town was cleared.
"Burn the town." Roland ordered his men. "Go ahead to the palace."

Little Link was sitting in his room, playing with his brother, Antony. They were not aware that they were being attacked. Then Stephen, along with Link`s brother, Kevin, entered the room,
"Link, Antony, it is time to go." He took the kids, and Link`s younger brother Antony, into the hiding shelters. The shelters were under a house, where no one could find them. They heard the gate being destroyed, and Hylian knights getting into the town to fight the attackers.
"The gate will soon fall, but whatever happens, we must stay together." said Stephen. Kevin heard the screaming and suffering happening outside, he couldn`t take it anymore. Innocent people dying, innocent blood spilling, Kevin had to fight, he wouldn`t let anymore pain be suffered. Kevin grabbed an axe and headed towards the trapdoor leading outside.
"No Kevin, you can`t get out there yet, it`s too dangerous." said Stephen. Kevin ignored him, and went outside.
"Where did Kev go, dad?" Link asked. Stephen didn`t answer.

Kevin saw the bloody battle before him. The Terminian Militia had no mercy, killing everybody in their path. Two soldiers headed for Kevin. Kevin swung his axe, killing one of the soldiers. But the other one smashed his shield into Kevin`s head, causing him to black out.

Many grueling hours later, the battle ended. Hyrule town was turned into a ruin. Stephen, Link, and Antony headed out the trapdoor, to look for survivors. There were only a few lucky ones who had survived. All of the survivors met at the center of the town.
"Holy hell," one man grumbled.
"What do we do now?"
"Starve and die."
"That`s stupid. Let`s just simply rebuild the town."
"We can`t do that, those militia could attack again."
"Then why don`t we travel to someplace safe, then build a town."
"Not a town, a castle, we need to rebuild the whole kingdom, remember?"
"Alright." everyone agreed on this plan, even though it will take a very time.

"Wake up,"
"Uhh," Kevin mumbled, sitting up. He looked around, he was in some kind of tent. A man in black armor stepped forward.
"So, you`ve finally woken up. Tell me, what is your name?" the man questioned.
"Kevin." Kevin answered.
"Kevin, eh? You`re the son of the king of Hyrule, am i right?"
"How did you know?"
"You were wearing this around your neck," the man showed Kevin a necklace with a triforce pendant. "Only members of the royal family wear this."
"Who are you? And where am i?" Kevin asked the strange man.
"Roland, prince of Termina, and i commanded the army that attacked Hyrule town, where you used to live. Now go back to sleep."

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