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I see the blood on my sword.
I see my fallen enemy.
A person no different then I.
Who fought for his own nation,
Trying to make it a better place.
Did he have a family?
Has he a wife and children he’ll
Never see again?
Would they weep for him now that he’s gone?
Perhaps he did not even want to fight.
Forced to enlist by the government,
Drilled and trained by officers,
Who shout out:
“Kill or die!”
What is it that I’ve become?
What is it I’m even fighting for?
A hope? A dream? A lie?
Am I just another killer in my brethren’s eye?
Hyrule, the Triforce, the Goddesses,
Is this what’s best for them?
And what of thy enemy?
Were they given a chance of parley?
Did they attempt peace treaties?
Did we even attack them first!
Thirsting for more blood and hurt.
Such secrets are kept for a soldier’s life.
For that is what I’ve become:
A fighter.
A killer.
A reaper.
A destroyer.

I am no hero.

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