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Revenge of Evil
By: James R. McAllister

(Keep in mind that this story occurs after Kasuto was trapped in the realm of light with Gannon. He was able to see the connections between the Light world of Hyrule, and the Dark World of Hyrule. WARNING: This story has graphic scenes with a lot of blood and guts. If you are easily sickened by this, I would advise you not to read this. Children under the age of 17 should never read this either unless you have parents permission.)


Lightning streaks across the sky as our hero lies on the ground, bleeding from the many cuts on his body. His red Goron tunic was ruined and discolored from all the bloodstains. He looked up still clutching his sword in his right hand only to see a dark figure standing over him with glowing red eyes. The dark figure started walking around Link, watching, and waiting to see what he would do next.
“Why?” asked Link.
“Because I am absolute evil!” replied the shadowy figure.
“What did *cough, cough* I do to you, *huff, huff* to deserve this?”
“You humiliated me in front of Gannon. You stopped the reign of evil. And you are everything I despise.”
“You won’t get away with this!”
“I already have.”
Suddenly the stranger raised his sword and brought it down hard on the back of the hero’s neck. Suddenly Link woke up in a cold sweat. Breathing heavy, he stumbled out to the balcony of his tree house in Kokiri forest and looked at the sky. Was that really a dream? He thought to himself. It felt so real, was it another premonition? I am I going to tell Zelda that I had a premonition that I was going to die? Who was that shadowy figure with the red eyes? As he looked at the sky he saw that the sun was just starting to peer over the horizon to create a new day. He shrugged it off and went back inside. He saw Solo sitting on her bed with a look of worry on her face.
“What is wrong Link?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” he responded,” I really don’t know.”

Chapter 1
The decision

Later that day Link decided to go for a walk, while out on the Hylian plains he passed an odd object sitting in the grass. As he approached it the object started to glow. Link looked down at a crystal type item that seemed to glow Black. It had a mirror finish, and it seemed to Link, that it was drawing him near to it. Link reached down to pick it up when a stream of black energy shot into his hand. Temporarily paralyzed, Link could do nothing but sit there. Then the stream stopped, and the crystal started to float, and then shot into the heavens. That was strange, thought Link. He shrugged off this nagging feeling that he had about something bad was going to happen.
After a while of wandering around aimlessly in the Hylian plains, he found himself at the entrance to the castle town. So he decided to go see Zelda.
When he reached the castle gate the guard just looked at him as if he was a stranger. What is wrong with him? When Link tried to enter the castle the guard stopped him.
“Where do you think you are going little boy?” asked the guard.
“I’m going to see the princess. What is your problem I’ve been here at least a hundred times before?” responded Link.
“Oh! So you’re a wise guy huh?”
“No I’m serious about that.”
“What ever.”
“Let me through, I happen to be one of the Royal Knights,” said Link Furiously.
“Beat it before I throw you out!” yelled the guard.
So Link just turned around and headed back for the city. What is wrong with him? As Link was thinking he saw Malon walking in the City Square and so he ran up to her.
“Hey Malon,” said Link.
“Do I know you?” replied Malon.
“I think you should, you are in love with my sister.”
“HOW DARE YOU!!!” she screamed. Suddenly her hand came around and caught him upside his head. He was so surprised that he fell to the ground. As he looked up at her she turned her head up and walked off. Now Link definitely knew something was not right. And then the sky caught his attention. Instead of being the blue color with white clouds floating by, it was black and covered with Red lightning bolts that seemed to rip the sky into parts. The buildings, streets, and ground where all the same, but the sky made him shiver. It reminded him of when Gannon was on the loose, and he was at the final battle. Link got back up and took off for the gate to get away from the people who where watching him. He looked out towards the Kokiri Forest and started running at full blast. When he reached the entrance a sign read “WARNING: BLACK FOREST DO NOT ENTER!” Ignoring the sign Link pushed ahead and ventured into the void.
Meanwhile at Links original world, there was a dark figure walking across the Hylian plains. He looked up in disgust at how blue the sky was. He remembered a place like this a long time ago, but he wasn’t able to see the sky much. He had a job of stopping Link before he reached the Water Temple Demon. I wonder if Gannon is still around? Then he started walking for the City of Hyrule. On his way he saw the entrance to the Lake. He shuddered at the thought of being defeated a second time. How could I have known he would have a megaton hammer? If I had known, things would be different right now. How did I get back here anyhow? His eyes glowed Dark red as he thought of the hammer constantly smashing him into the ground. As he walked into the gates of the city, one of the guards came running up to him.
“Who are you?” asked the guard.
“Your worst nightmare!” yelled the shadowy figure. Suddenly the guard was thrown through the air and straight into the wall. As the man quietly advanced he approached the other guard who was cowering in fear.
“Where is Gannon!” yelled the stranger.
“I don’t know who you are talking about,” replied the guard.
“Don’t play games with me.”
“I’m not….I seriously don’t know who you are talking about?”
“Then get out of my way!” and the guard took off in the direction of the castle, only to be caught by some kind of bolt of red lightning. The guard stopped, and dropped dead in his tracks. The guards who where on the way to relieve the others saw this, turned, and ran as fast as they could to the castle.
As the figure walked into town all the citizens started cowering in fear. They saw the two guards running and screaming for their lives. The citizens slowly made their way into buildings to hide from the evil mans stare. The man looked up to the sky and yelled “I AM LINK! COWER BEFORE MY DARK POWERS! BY THE END OF THE DAY THIS CITY SHALL LIE IN RUINS! PREPARE TO D…..” He was cut short by an arrow that suddenly flew at his head. He quickly dodged it and looked at who the shooter was. It was none other that Kasuto…Sage of Light.
“How dare you contaminate this world with your evil. I saw you and Link trade places in the void. I tagged along with you to stop this worlds destruction by your hand.” With that he drew another arrow and loaded his bow. Dark Link started to charge Kasuto but was stopped when the arrow started to shine bright with the magic of light. Kasuto took advantage of this and released his arrow. The arrow flew right at Dark Link, suddenly a blast of light eluminated the entire city. Kasuto looked up and vanished without a trace.
After Dark Link was able to see, he resumed his march on the castle. When he reached the gates he suddenly felt a barrier was prepared to keep him out. He slowly approached it, only to be blown back by a huge force of energy. This was the work of that Sage of Light. I will kill him nice and slow.

Chapter 2
What is this place?

“AHHHHH!!!” Screamed Link when he entered what should’ve been Kokiri village, all he saw was hundreds of bones from where Kokiri children had fallen. He fell to his knees and thought to himself, How could this had happened? This is not Hyrule. Where am I then? Am I in some other universe? What happened to the Deku sprout? Link shot up and ran to the Deku Tree area. What he saw would change his life for ever. There was a Giant stump where the Deku Tree ounce stood. The sprout was withered and dying, but still able to speak a bit. Link ran over to him.
“Um…Great Deku Sprout….What happened to the village, and…where am I?”
“Who is there?” responded the sprout.
“Link, Link of Kokiri.”
“How can this be? You where sent back to the light world. How can you be here?”
“That is why I have come to you. I must know where I am.”
“My poor child, you are in the Dark Realm of Hyrule. After you defeated Gannon, the two worlds split. One was of pure Good, and the other of pure evil,” the sprout started to cry as he prepared to continue his sad story to answer all of Links questions. “It was right after you defeated Gannon and saved Princess Zelda, I, the Great fairies, and the Sages decided to send you both back to the world of light. We knew it would have major consequences in this land, but the other world needed you more. After you left the monsters, that Gannon created to protect him and defeat you, where sent here. They reeked havoc upon this land, and so we created a incarnation of you. He slew all the monsters, but what we didn’t know was that the incarnation would become more evil, as you became more good. He went on a rampage destroying all that he could see. The first to fall was Zoras Domain. After he froze them all in a tomb of ice he went along thawing their heads so he could hear them scream.”
The sprout paused for a second, pushing back the tears of pain. He felt sorry for creating such a fowl creature. “After he did this he went along torturing them until they just gave up. Then he would behead them. The King was the first to go. Lord Jabu-Jabu escaped with Princess Ruto to some place unknown. The Castle town and the Castle fell victim to his evil power. They all turned into the alter egos of everyone in your world. Since he was unable to persuade the Gerudo to join his evil empire, he slew them all. The Gerudo City was covered with the blood of every Gerudo in there at the time. A luck few escaped into the desert and into the temple of spirits. He would have pursued them but he let them starve to death. They may still be alive but I am so weak I can’t sense anything anymore.” After a long breather the Sprout spoke again and Link Listened intently. “Then he went back to the Hylian city and entered the Temple of Time and stole the Dark Master Sword. There he went to Death Mountain and killed off all but one Goron. I have no clue to where he happens to be hiding. His name was Duran. Then Dark Link went to Lake Hylia and completely destroyed it. This caused nature to become unbalanced. He then made his move upon the Kokiri forest. The village was not able to defend against such an evil power, and the unnatural balance in nature weakened me. I was defenseless as he slew the children in the village. Saria and Mido escaped into the Lost Woods, they where never heard from again. And now I sit here, slowly dying from the infestation of termites and beetles. Also he cut down the old Great Deku Tree with just one swing of the Dark Master Sword. After that he left me to die all alone. The Great Fairies fled Hyrule after Kokiri fell to his evil power.” Suddenly the sprout started to darken, and fade away. “Don’t worry about me…. I…. have…..done………job……” then the sprout faded away, and Link could feel the last of the magic that kept the sprout alive, fade away.
Link looked past the spot where the sprout used to be, and stared at the huge stump of the Great Deku Tree. He slowly turned and started to walk away when he thought he heard something. He crouched down and started looking for the source. He looked towards the entrance to the Deku area. He thought he saw somebody standing there behind the edge of the wall. Suddenly a deku nut came flying at his head, Link dodged, and then sprinted at the figure. This caught the person by surprise at how fast he moved. Link jumped up with his fist ready to hit who ever it was, when he noticed the green hair. Link suddenly shifted his weight to his right side to avoid hitting Saria in the face. After he landed on the ground he looked up at her to see that Mido was holding the Sling shot, but what struck him more was that they both turned in fear and started hugging each other.
“Don’t hurt us you meanie. Please don’t hurt us,” squealed Saria.
“Leave us alone you jerk!” yelled Mido who was now holding Saria and started to turn to protect her. He had the look of a seasoned warrior. He must have had to fight off a lot of Skull kids to get that look.
“I’m not here to hurt you two, as a matter of fact I was just about to go look for you,” responded Link to their threats.
“So you are not here to hurt us huh? Well then, why where you about to go looking for us hmm?” asked Mido in a cautious tone.
“I was hoping if you two could tell me how to get home to the Light World?”
When Saria heard that she looked up at his face and gasped. “Mido! Do you know who that is?”
“Of course I know who he is, he’s Dark Link. And he is probably going to kill us soon.”
“No it is not!” Saria said, half stunned, “It’s Link, the one who defeated Gannon!”
“Now that you say that, he does happen to be wearing a Kokiri Tunic instead of the black tunic the Dark Link wears.”
“I am Link, yes I did defeat Gannon, and no I will not kill you two,” said Link as he approached the two of them. “I was thrown into this world for some reason. I would like to know how to get back. Can you two help me?”
“I don’t know, I still think he is the Dark Link.”
“Mido, honey, don’t say that in front of the only person who can save us,” said Saria.
Link just about fell over when he heard her say that.
“Hmm. What’s wrong Link?” asked Saria.
“Nothing, it’s just that….well hearing you say that was kind of a surprise,” said Link.
“Oh, why is that?” asked Mido.
“Well…in my world…you two are not lovers.”
“What! How can that be!” screamed Mido.
“I don’t know…it just is.”
Suddenly, all three of them heard a sound coming from behind them. Mido and Link both turned to face the uninvited guest. A creature of immense proportions, came walking out of the shadows, and slowly advanced upon their location. Link stood firm while Mido shook a little bit.
“Hey, Mido,” Link said, “Do you have a sword on you?”
“All I have is this dagger.”
“Can I borrow it?”
When Link felt the handle in his hand, and saw that Mido had backed far away, he jumped at the beast. The monster parried with its arm knocking Link to the ground. Not bad for a first time, but it could have been a whole lot better. Link got back up and made another charge at the monster. The monster did the same tactic as last time, but Link was ready for it. He ducked and thrust the dagger into the monsters side, and pulled it all the way to the monsters back. When Link felt the ground beneath his feet, he pivoted on the ball of his foot, and looked at the wounded monster. To his disgust he saw the monsters internal organs falling out its side. The monster, completely oblivious to the fatal wound, turned to face Link, but by the time the monster was turned Link was airborne, and this was going to be the final blow. Link felt the dagger hit home, square on the monsters forehead. Link pulled the dagger along with him as he traveled past the monsters head, only to land and get a sucker punch from the monster. When Link looked up he noticed it was not the monster that struck him. It was a dark deku scrub, Link thought the thing looked hideous, but what he didn’t know was that the object that hit him was a sleeping seed. Link started to feel drowsy but was jerked awake by Sarias scream. He looked over at them to see the monster slowly advancing on them. He jumped up and took to a quick sprint, jumped, and landed on the monsters back. He then took the dagger and jammed it into the monsters spinal cord. The monster suddenly fell limp and fell to the ground. Link stood there for a second and then handed Mido back his dagger.
“Wow! How did you learn to fight like that?” asked Mido.
“You taught me,” was Links reply before he fell to the ground in a deep sleep.

Chapter 3
Is Light Enough?

“My King! We must leave now!” yelled Kasuto.
“I can’t leave my daughter!” replied the King.
“I will return to get her before my barrier falls. Don’t worry Your Highness.”
“Okay, but if anything happens to her, I swear you will wish you were dead.”
“Don’t worry sir, I already do.”
Suddenly a bright flash of light and the King of Hyrule was standing in the Temple of Light. “Stay here, I will be back shortly.” Another bright flash of light and the man was gone.
While at the gates to the castle, Dark Link was starting to pace back and forth. Suddenly his fist connected with the barrier, and he went flying back against a cliff wall. He stared up at the castle and started to call upon his dark energy to strike the castle with his bolts of doom, but decided quickly against it when the thought entered his mind, it him using his bolt, it ricocheted back at him. Dark Link sat there, embedded at least a foot into the wall, and shuddered at what might happen if was struck by his own power. After he pulled himself from the wall, he resumed his pacing back and forth. Suddenly something caught his eye. A little girl wearing a pink dress was marching towards him with a serious look on her face. She was carrying a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.
Kasuto was perched on top of the castle looking for Zelda when he saw Impa run out the front door towards the forward gates. He looked ahead and saw Zelda marching towards Dark Link with a sword and shield, looking for a fight. Kasuto stood up and teleported himself to where Zelda was heading. When he got there, he noticed Zelda was staring at the black figure with the red eyes, Kasuto casually walked up to her and picked her up. She dropped the sword and shield, and looked up at the familiar face looking down at her. Impa had finally caught up to them both when Kasuto turned to face her.
“Come here,” said Kasuto.
Impa responded by casually walking up to him, another bright flash, and the barrier was now gone. Dark Link looked up at the castle, My new home.

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