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Zelda: I didn't realize zits got this big . . .

Nabooru: Well . . . It's not exact ally a zit . . .

(Zelda reaches forward and pokes it. It's soft, and bends when she touches it.)

Nabooru (grinning): Good girls wouldn't touch that . . .

Zelda: Why not??

Nabooru (trying to hold back laughter): Well, he is a guy . . . It's not his fault!!

Zelda: Oh . . . this is . . . that . . .


Zelda: Funny . . . It looked a lot different in that sex-ed video we saw in fourth grade . . . And why does it come out of his forehead?!

Nabooru (ignoring the question): You got a video?! Lucky!!! All I got was a slide show!!! It was good though. It had penises and vag-

(I know you pervs want to hear the details, but I'm gunna cut this line of dialogue off right now.)

(Burn slowly starts to regain thought, although he is still physically unconscious.)

Burn: Ugh . . . Am I dead?!

(Burn looks up.)

Burn: I see, Zelda . . . I see up her skirt!! Pink is a very good color on her! I'm gunna tell all my friends about it! Where's a camera? Wait a minute . . . Who's that freak she's with?

(Nabooru is laughing and saying something to Zelda, though Burn can't understand. Whatever she said, Zelda appears disturbed. Nabooru begins to do a little dance.)

Burn: Aw, who cares? . . Zelda, there is something I need to tell you. My brother Kafei, He got a new girl in Terminia. They are engaged at this point . . . Except it will probably get ruined by a little midget imp with a weird hat and a big mask that looks like a pair of boobs with eyes and spikes stiking out of them.

(Zelda says something and begins to cover her face with her hands, apparently busting into tears.)

Burn: What's wrong, Zelda? Why . . . are. . y-you. . .. .

(The growth from Burns head grows and morphs into a mechanical hand)


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