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The stars glittered brilliantly, in the middle of a vast field that lay about ten miles from the Market. Alone stood a middle aged man, looking as though he was waiting for something. Just behind him was a small village with a small number of occupants, but a miniscule number of them still awake.
For about an hour this man stood there, as still as the single tree, which remained unaffected by the slight breeze behind him. Finally, a group of six or seven others appeared at his side. This group of people were about as old as the man, and a fairly even number of men and women now occupied the field. The silence of nature was countered only by the soft voices of the group.
"Did you discover the location?"
"We found a lunar chart, which revealed everything. It will occur in precisely fourteen minutes and thirty- six seconds at the point in front of all six temples."
"We must get there, before consequences occur."

Ten minutes later, the group, along with a pack of steeds, stood in a different field, a ranch in the background. It was now past midnight, and the field, with the exception of these individuals, remained unoccupied. The only sounds were the steeds pawing at the ground and occasionally a cricket or two in the distance.
Suddenly, the jet black sky was contrasting the fire red color that had appeared from nowhere. At the point where a rock should have been was a milky white bubble, which seemed to protect the man, women, and six children it surrounded. The man appeared to suffer from some type of strain, contrasted by the six children, all of whom were asleep, and the women, who talked to the man in a foreign voice. The bubble's speed decreased, along with distance between it and the ground. Within minutes, it disappeared from around the occupants, who stood upon solid ground.
"Your arrival has been predicted, though we don't know your cause. Welcome to the sacred land of Hyrule."
These words were directed at the man, more than anyone else. He approached the group cautiously before he spoke. His words faded into nothingness, as his language was foreign. The communication conflict was solved when one of the children approached the cluster of people. He was the same age as his brothers and sisters who sat behind him. Though everyone knew he had never been to Hyrule before, the language seemed second nature to him.
"I had no idea anyone knew of our movements, but thank you. We have finally made it to a civilized planet. We have made it to peace."
"If you can get your family to follow us, we will show you to your house."
"You know where we can buy a house?"
"No. We only know where your house is. The one we were instructed to buy for you."
"Instructed? By who?"
"As to this, I can give no clear response. You will know when the time is right."
"Now let's get going. We have a lot of work to do, and very little time to do it."

A few minutes later, the family stood outside a beautiful, brick and wooden house. The house was equipped with a stove, enough food to last for a month, seven bedrooms, and faced the Royal Castle. The house had a nice sized yard, which was neatly trimmed and weeded. In less than five minutes, the bedrooms were assigned, everything was checked for hazardous conditions, and the whole family fell asleep. The only person who resisted fatigue was the same boy who spoke Hilanan. The words "…you will know when the time is right …" were fresh in his mind.

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