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The quest of the hero

The moon is but a bright haze in the sky
When the young hero of the wood, and his great horse ride
Through the lonely barren plains and fields
Protecting his land, with a sacred sword he wields
He treks in the unknown forest deep
He scales among the mountains, reaching high and steep
Swimming boldly, under the ocean’s shore
Daringly entering, the house of horrors
Descending upon a desert colossus
To the temple, of an ancient desert goddess

Through firm endeavors, and swirling lanes
He reaches the domain, of the light’s bane
Inside lurked, the evil king
Patron of all atrocious things
With his burning courage, and his valiant heart
He took the king out, with many a part
His perseverance brought his land victory
To his home, people, future to be
He will purge all evil, and crime
For he is the mighty hero of time

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