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“Ionia, Ionia!” Get up the battle horns are blowing the assault on the Gerudues Fortress has started! Ionia was a very fit boy. He was 19 and he was already a respected leader of the Sheakian army.
“Sherai, get me my armor and my horse. Then you will await my orders. With that Ionia grabbed took his armor, mounted his horse, and rode toward his second in command, Dar.
“Sir I have been informed that General Sheak has taken the lead and is wait for you and your men to meet him in front of the archway.” Said Dar.
“Good job. I have position for you but it requires us to separate, will you accept?” asked Ionia.
“Anything to show those Damn Hylians what we can do.” Replied Dar
“Great.” Said Ionia. “While I take half my men and help General Sheak, I want you to take the other half and sneak past the last of our lines and fight your way to the jails. When you get there I want to take your remaining forces and raid the jail. Find and steal all the riches and release all the prisoners, Gerudue or Hylian. Oh and take Sherai.”
Dir seemed puzzled. “Do you understand Dir?”
“Yes sir, but why take Sherai. She is very inexperienced. Why she is only 13 for Goddess sake.”
Ionia envisioned Sherai of one day becoming a strong warrior, and he wanted her to train to become one. But still it wasn’t a very decent excuse to send her out to battle. So thought about it and found another reason. “She’s good with bombs.” Ionia said. “Before this war is over I’m going to destroy every Gerudue monuments that I lay eyes upon now go!”
Dar rode of and retrieved Sherai his half of the troops and rode toward the jail with several carriages of explosives.
Meanwhile Ionia took his massive soldiers and headed for the front line to join General Sheak at the archway.
“Where the hell have you been Ionia, I thought I would have to fight with only 500!” Barked Sheak.
“I’m sorry sir I…. I slept in.” Said Ionia pitifully. “I know that’s no excuse sir I’m sorry.”
“Your damn right you’re sorry, now take your position!”
Ionia did so. As he rode down the valley someone yelled “There up on the cliff” But it was too late. A shower of arrows came from the top of the cliff. When the screams stopped and Ionia recuperated General Sheak made a combination of hand signals and rode of with his men.
Immediately Ionia barked orders to what remained of his men. “Hold your shields in the air toward the Gerudues. Back row fire your arrows!”
They did so and plucked many Gerudues from the cliff. Before they had time to recuperate Ionia raised his hand to charge.
As he turned they corner he saw a series of beautiful buildings. They were all made of marble and gold shimmer came from inside it. In the distance he saw a woman with golden jewelry carrying a baby on a silver horse escape with two body guards to the desert.
Before he had time to stop admiring the thief’s city he found himself 10 feet from the enemy line. “Oh shit” he thought as he drew his sword. “I need to wake up and remember why I’m here, to kick some Gerudue ass and show those Hylians what I can do!”
The women soldiers barricaded themselves with spears and embraced themselves. One said “aim your arrows!”
“Prepare shields1” Ionia said.
After the petty attack ended they lowered their shields and took out their javelins. “Throw your spears.” Said Ionia. They did so and took out the first line of Gerudues.
With nothing protecting them they tried to retreat but to no avail. The Sheakian solders dominated the first wave of women. With confidence in their minds they pride fully charged towards the next line. “This one is bigger.” Ionia thought. “But the last one was so easy I don’t think this one will do much harm either.”
As he fights his way through the brutal women he suffered a blow to the back but escaped death by a thread. He turned to see a Gerudue general. He got of his horse and made it take of by the shout of his voice.
“You bitch, I will kill you burn you!” He made a stance and ready for a fight. “I shouldn’t have gone so soft on you women.”
“Don’t make me laugh.” She said. “You pitiless men have no honor. I am the one who will kill you.”
After a long stare down Ionia broke his nerve and attacked with a long jump. She blocked the mad blow with tough arms but wobbled to the side. Ionia took this advantage and ripped away her armor. Screaming in pain she lay on the valley floor. Mercifully he slit her neck to stop the pain.
“Poor fool.” He said regrettably. When he got up he saw the jail with many Gerudue archers causing a problem for the Sheakian warriors he looked at the situation and started to hear screaming he looked to try to find it. He listened and realized it was coming from within the jail then he remembered the bombs he told Dar to plant in the jail.
BOOM! The jail exploded, sending many Gerudues into the air. “That’s it.” Said a Gerudue general. “We can’t win this fight. Retreat to the Spirit Temple.”
Every Gerudue that could make it rushed to the desert gate.
“That’s it we did it we won” screamed Sheak. Every Sheakian in the Gerudue valley yelled in victory.
“Was that you ordered the bombing of the jail?” Said Sheak.
“Yes it was.” Said Ionia “I figured the jail would have the most solders so I”-. He was stopped to the hand of Sheak.
“You fool! You just killed countless innocent Hylians and Sheakians.”
Ionia grinned in pride. “Not so sir. I ordered Dar to get the prisoners before blowing up the jail. Watch Dar is her.” He ran up to Dar and greeted him he looked around but found only well armored Sheakians.
“Dar were is the rescued?” He looked puzzled.
“What do you mean?” Ionia was in horror.
He heard the footsteps of Sheak walk up behind him. “Ionia! We need to talk.”

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