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The fog was really thick that night in the forest. It was thicker than usual, especially since the sky was clear of any bad weather that would cause such a dramatic change from the usual fog that served its purpose along with the misleading tunnels of hiding Kokiri Village.
Saria stared out at the forest, her brows furrowed in confusion at the amount of fog.
"Something is wrong here."
She put her hand to one of the trees, hoping to sense something.
There was a noise in the bushes by the temple.
Saria walked over to the bush. The noise stopped as soon as she stood in front of it.
"Someone in there?"
It happened so fast, she almost didn't recognize that it was a person and not one of many monsters that inhabited the forest.
It leaped out of the bush and over her head.
"Mido! You scared me."
Midos back facing her, she could still feel how menacing his presence was. The air thickened as he just stood there, his aura was off and she felt threatened. She backed away as slowly as possible just as he started to turn. She hadn't even taken more than three steps when he was suddenly on top of her, putting all his weight to hold her down.
Her scream echoed throughout the forest but died down enough for no one to hear.
She wiggled out as he began chokiing and sprinted into the vast trees trying to reach Kokiri Village.
She stopped running when she heard a branch break in front of her.
"Mido? Whats wrong with you?"
He stepped out from behind a tree, a strange smile played upon his lips as he approached her. The air around him became so cold that his breathing became visible in the form of smoke, and it was raspy and quick.
She looked around frantically for some sign of escaping him.
"Sar...Saria." He sprung at her again and this time there would be no escape, as he made her breathe his air in.

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