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*note- this whole script is based as an animated movie. so, when visualizing it, please keep your characters animated. You don't have to, but i just wanted you to know what it would look like if it were to be a REAL movie.*
(opening scene)

A huge storm has swept through Hyrule. Darkness has completely taken over the skies with dark, heavy clouds bursting with rain.
A figure is seen on a horse. We not know what it is, but we see some form of a sword strapped behind on the back of the rider. He seems to have his arms wrapped around him, shivering in the cold, wet rain. The Horse, soaking wet, slowly trudges along in the muddy earth. Suddenly, we see the rider look up. He seems to have heard something. Another rider storms past him, With also a sowrd strapped to the back of him. His horse, who's reddish hide streams with rain, fkashes past and goes over the hill. Shouts are heard from the rider to go faster, and the first figure turns his horse to face a strong, stone-built wall with a bridge leading to a village and castle. It is the land of Hyrule, with towering builings among the sides of the castle. Hoping that the rider with the sword is gone, the figure looks back to see if anyone is coming. When he sees no one is, he nudges his horse towards Hyrule and begins walking. As he walks, we see tons of shadowy figures behind him.

Scene 1

We see a young woman holding a bundled bag of leather straps running through Hyrule Castle's main hall. Everytime ligthining strikes, the light plays on her face and goes out when she passes the glass stained windows. Her shoes are heard clapping among the polished floors as she speeds down the remaing of the hall and stops at a huge, wooden door. She lifts the wooden barricaded door and enters a room.
(when door opens, it slams shut after woman has entered. Fades to next scene)
It is a candle lit room the woman has entered. Her hair is slighltly messed up, and she releases her hands from her dress, still holding onto the laether bundle, as the crumpled up skirt laies at her side. She walks over to a pedestal with a small chain necklace sitting in the middle. it looks as if it is cemented onto the top of the pedestal. On the end of the neckalce, hanging on a small blue diamond, is a small, golden triangle. She tries to lift it from the engravings where it is held, but it doesn't move. Suddenly, a loud crash is heard from the hall. The woman looks at the budging door with a sharp turn and pulls harder at the necklace. Finnaly it comes loose, and she stuffs it in a leather bag at her side. The door slowly creaks open...
We ae at camera side with two moblins and a tall, dark figure. They enter the small room and look for something. We zoom in on the woman hiding behind two large crates, rocking the leather bundle, holding it close to her. As we turn the camera we see a small babe wrapped in the leather. It is a boy- his small blonde hair is shaking from the rock of the woman's body, but he is not afraid. We return to the moblins. The dark figure is seen standing out in the door way. Moblins walk over to him and nudge their shoulders.
"Nothing is here, my lord." one says. The dark figure opens his eyes, revealing red deep colors and nothing but black. He steps into the room, having one of the moblins keep the door open.Light consumes him, and he is about as old as the woman. He has jet-red hair with strong muscles and a red diamond in the center of his forehead. His metal tiped boots clink as he walks farthur into the room. We watch as the man loks around. He looks towards the woman, who is now closing her eyes in fear. He smiles, knowing where she is at, and turns towards the door. "She must have goten away. Check outside for any lost horses and see if any men are gone." The Moblins nod and walk out the door, the man follwoing them. "If I were you..." he says before leaving, "I'd give me the baby now." The woman does not listen. She simply opens her eyes and holds the babe closer to her chest. The man leaves and slams the door shut behind him.
(screeen immeditaly goes black. A couple of seconds later, we suddenly zom in on horse's hooves storming over a hill. The camera goes up and reveals a young man, the age of the past woman, loking at a feild of fire. He is the man who was seen before with the sword. Someone has set Hyrule aflame. people run out screaming, as a shadowy army kills off several civilians.)
The man rushes his horse down the hill towards the flames and swerves past the many shadow enemies. He unsheaths his sowrd and begins to fend them off his people. But they do not die- they simply let the sword go through them but nothing happens. Blood stains the grass of the earth and the bridge to hyrule collapses in to ash. There is nothing but a moat to swim across to get to hyrule. The man does not swim- he commands his horse to jump. The horse jumps over the wsater and lands with only two front hooves. As it struggles to get up, the man slides off onot Hyrule lands and lets the horse drown in the water. He merely gets up, sheaths his sword, and runs to the castle. (Screams can be heard, and the fire's crackling noise shakes the atmosphere, even if it is raining still.)
(the camera shows the woman with the leather bundle run out onto a castle balcony.)
The woman sees the flames aset on Hyrule castle, and gaps in horror. The babe is almost sound asleep, however- he is still not afraid. The woman can see the army killing off her people and screams. Suddenly, a dark figure grabs her shoulder, swerving her aorund. In surprise, the woman drops the baby onto the floor atleast 5 feet away. She looks at the figure's eyes. They are red...
(camera immediatly goes back to the man running towards the castle. As he enters the gate up the path to the front house, he is careful not to be burned by the hundreds of growing flames. He is very sweaty- his big clothes must be dragging him back. But, soon, he gets to the front house.)
The camera loks up at the flaming front house- it has a balcony on one side and a garden on the other. Legendary marks are engraved on the outskirts of the door. A scream is heard, and the man looks up towards the balcony. A large, red haired man is grasping the womans throat and has her leaning on her back at the edge of the 40 foot drop. The man rushes into the building and finds stairs up to the balcony. He climbs them up, and as he exits into the balcony, the tall man swerves, releases the woman, and attacks the man. He quickly unsheaths his sowrd however, and blocks the man's blows. As the woman catches her breath, she retreives the babe and dashes past the fighting men. Looking back at the smaller man, she has sadness in her eyes, almost a tear, but turns and runs down with the babe.)
(the woman is seen dashing through Hyrule feild, trying to escape the army of shadows with the babe still in her hands. Suddenly she feels an arrow jutted into her hip, but she continues. Blood seeps out of her clothes and the pain overwhelms her. Geting a bit dizzy, she sees a forest opening and slowly drags herself inside. Once there, she sees many kids with small fairies at their heads staring at her with wonder. She can no longer move. The childen swarm around her, and she releases the babe to the closest child. The child strugginlgy picks up the babe and trys hard to hold it up. He loks at the woman in surprisement. She pushes out her arm to touch the leather, but she no longer has any energy. " of him." she utters softly, and lies dead. Some children lay at her side, while a green haired girl walks over to the babe holder. "What are we to do with him, Mido?" She asks. The red haired child, Mido, hands the babe to the girl. "Take it to the Great Deku Tree, Saria. . He'll know what to do." Mido looks at the babe in disgust as Saria walks away.
(camera fades out at a widescreen shot of Saria walking away and Mido watching her off)

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