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Link patted Epona on the head and climbed on. Link wasn’t feeling especially good on this day. The weak before Link had been hired for a job as a guard for the royal family and he got paid barely enough to get him food. But it was better than living off the money he got off poes. He liked hanging out with the princess after his shift. “Come on Epona lets go” Said Link as he rubbed Epona on the side of her head. Epona began to gallop to the castle. “Come on hurry up, I’m gonna be late” said Link.
They passed the gate to Lon Lon Ranch. The gate to the market began to close. Link stomach began to growl. “I NEED food I haven’t eaten in 2 days” whined Link. When they reached the gate to the Market it was nearly closed. Link’s mind raised trying to think of what to do. Link pulled out his hookshot and fired it at the top of the gate. He was lifted off Epona and slammed against the gate. Then Link climbed into the market and jumped down next to a building that had a lot of pots filled with money. Link began to walk at the building. “No wait I got arrested for doing that last time” thought Link. Link kicked a rock on the ground in frustration. “Life sucks. Why was I born I’m never happy” Said Link out loud. Link rubbed his eyes and kept walking towards the castle.
Link passed a group of kids with there parents eating fresh deserts they had bought from the market. What he would have done to be able to have treats like them. Link looked down at his clothes he was wearing an old tunic that had rips all over it. Suddenly a strong wind blew. Link hat flew off his head and landed in the well that was in the middle of the market. Link tried to catch it but it was no use. A group of boys about 14 that had nice clothes and looked pretty happy began to laugh at him. “That’s not funny” said Link as a tear trickled down his cheek. “Now that’s not nice” said the boys mother. “I’m sorry sir” apologized the old woman. Link reached in his pocket and took out a rubber band. He took his long hair that he had kept up in his hat and put his hair up in a ponytail. Link stepped onto a stone walk way to the castle. Link passed several monuments that looked like they were in honor of royal family. Link’s long eyelashes got in his eyes. His eyes watered when they touched his pupil. He circled his eyes around and his lashes went back to normal. Link’s foot got caught on a tree stump and he fell over on his face. Link stood up and felled his face. Rocks had torn his face and blood was flowing slowly from the cuts. He wiped the blood of his face with his arm.
Link herd an ocarina begin to play. Link looked up the balcony outside Zelda’s room. Zelda was there with an ocarina to her lips playing a song Link had never herd. When Link stopped staring at Zelda he walked into the castle and walked through the halls to the guard room. All of his fellow guards were already there. “Hey Link kinda late aren’t you” teased one of the guards. “Do you always have to give me shit when I’m late” said Link trying not to loose his temper. “Would you like me to tell your wife that you got put down a rank, and that’s why you don’t have so much money” threatened Link. “I had to sneak into the ranch last night so I could sleep keep warm last night” said Link forcing himself not to pull out his sword. “You don’t have to freak out Link” said another guard trying to calm him down. “I’m sorry it’s just my life is really screwed up” said Link. Link began to calm down a little bit.
“Well it’s my shift so I’ll see you later” called Link as he walked out the door and headed for Zelda’s room. Link passed several large suits of armor. He knocked on Zelda’s door. “Just a minute” Yelled Zelda. The door opened. Zelda was standing in the door way, her hair was messy and her dress was not zipped in the back. “Come in” said Zelda as she grabbed Link by the arm and pulled him in. “Hey Zelda how are you” said Link nervously. “Oh I’m pretty good it’s just I can’t reach the zipper on my back” replied Zelda. She started trying to reach the zipper but she couldn’t. “Here let me help” offered Link. “That would help me out a lot” said Zelda. Link took the zipper with two fingers and carefully pulled up. “Thanks a lot” said Zelda in relief. Zelda picked up a brush and began to brush her hair. Link couldn’t believe how smooth her hair was. When she brushed her hair it un-tangled like magic, Link compared this to his hair. When he brushed his hair he broke the brush because it just wouldn’t go through.
“Hey Link do think you could help me put my hair up like yours” asked Zelda. “You don’t know how put your hair up in a ponytail” asked Link in a surprised voice. “No, Impa said that it isn’t right for a princess to have a ponytail and have her bangs hang in her eyes” Zelda put her lips together and let air slowly come out. “OK. I think I can put your hair in a simple ponytail” said Link as he walked towards the princess. “Sorry if I pull your hair a little” warned Link. “Its okay It doesn’t matter” said Zelda. Link quickly put Zelda hair up in a messy ponytail like his. “Thank you, it looks great”. “Oh, wait just a sec” said Link as he pulled her long bangs out from the ponytail. “Link. From now on I don’t want you to think of yourself as my personal guard but as a friend. You’ve been working here for nearly two weeks and all you’ve done is nice things for me. So I think of you as my friend” said Zelda. “A friend” thought Link. He had never had any real friends but Saria. “you do” asked Link. “Well you are friendlier than any other guard that has got this shift” said Zelda. Link couldn’t believe this, he was friends with the princess? “I know that you probably have a really hard life and I’m glad you aren’t mean because of it” said Zelda as she gave Link a hug. “Do you want to play the ocarina with me” asked Zelda trying to get off the subject. “yah shure. Can you teach me how to play that song you were playing out on your balcony” asked Link. “Of course it isn’t a very hard song to learn” answered Zelda. They both took out their ocarinas and Zelda started teaching Link the notes to the song. They did this for about half an hour then they started playing song that they had written. Eventually one of them would play a song that they wrote and the other would play in the background. After hours of doing this Zelda got tired and went to sleep. Link got his ocarina and packed it up then went to the market to see if there was some place he could sleep.
Link’s stomach felt like it was going to dry up. He needed something to eat but all of the shops were closed at night. “Come on! What did I do to have to live like this” yelled Link in frustration. He walked over to a trash can and took off the lid. He pulled out a stale bag of chips that luckily weren’t already taken. Link put the bag of chips into his right hand and kept digging. He came across a couple of old fish heads but wouldn’t eat them. Think stood up with his bag of chips and kicked the trash can over. “There now I don’t have dig in fish heads” said Link triumphantly. “Oooooo is that what I think it is” thought Link as he grabbed something from the pile of garbage. He picked up an untouched piece of broccoli. “It IS what I think it is” said Link out loud with joy. Link ate a bite of the vegetable and saved the rest for later. Link sat down on two boxes that were nearby. He took off his over shirt and wrapped it around his hand. Then Link put his hand under his head and closed hid eyes.

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