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Link’s eyes opened slowly. The sun was bright and his body felt like shit, not that that was out of the ordinary. “Time to get me some food” thought Link. He slowly stepped of the boxes he slept on. He could smell fresh treats just waiting for someone to eat. He walked over to a stand with a hood on it so the shop keeper wouldn’t get the sun in his eyes. “I would like…” Link thought about what he had eaten In the past weak. “No never mind” said Link as he walked to a stand that had vegetables and fruit. “Could I have an apple” asked Link. “That would be 5 rupees” answered the shop keeper. “Uh just a sec” replied Link as he reached into his pocket. “All I have is 2 is there any thing else” asked Link. “Yes for 2 Rupees you can buy a dried orange” replied the shop keeper. “Is that it” groaned Link. “Afraid so” answered the shop keeper. “Oh alright” said Link as he handed the man his last bit of money until he got paid. “Great” said the shop keeper as he handed Link his dried orange. “Oh yes this is going to a just great lunch, dinner, and breakfast” said Link sarcastically. “Tell you the truth I don’t think I can have more than one piece of this crap a day” added Link. Link stomped off. “I’ll go to the castle and see if I can see Zelda” thought Link. Link ate a bite of dried orange. “Ewwwww this stuff sucks”. “I wish I didn’t buy this crap, I would rather eat out of the garbage” thought Link. “I need more money I can’t keep eating stuff like this” said Link. “Got it! I can get a full time job at the castle. That should get more money than this” yelled Link. Link started walking back to the castle. The castle doors were wide open and there were to guards standing in front of it. Link continued to walk forward. He walk past the guards and stepped in side the castle. A guard ran up to Link and told him that the King would like to see him. Link began to walk to the throne room. He opened the large doors to the king throne room. “Link” yelled the king. “A guard told me that you were not doing your job properly when you were on your shift” “Well, I was playing the ocarina with your daughter” confessed Link. “That’s not what the guard said” replied the King. “What are you saying” asked Link. “I’m asking what you really did with my daughter” yelled the king. “That’s all I did, why would I lie”. “Are you shure” asked the king leaning his head forward. “Yes” replied Link. “You sir go fetch the princess” ordered the king pointing at one of the guards. “Yes your highness” replied the guard. “What could they think we were doing” thought Link. “Maybe someone framed me”. The guard came back with Zelda a few minutes later. “Zelda come hear” ordered the king. “Yes daddy” replied Zelda. Zelda walked up to her father. She leaned forward as the king whispered something in her ear. “NO, how could you even think that” yelled Zelda after she herd what her father had to say. Zelda ran back to her room. “What the heck could they have been talking about” thought Link. Link hung around the castle until he had to go to work. He walked through the corridors of the castle looking at sculptures. Some of them he thought were pretty good. Link looked at a clock on the wall. “Oh shit, it’s 8:56” whispered Link. “I only have 4 minutes to find my way through this huge castle” worried Link. Link began to walk fast. “Think, think… kay so Zelda’s room is at the far west… so this way” whispered Link. “Oh man, I forgot to ask for a full time job” remembered Link. Link continued to wander through the castle. “I must be late now” thought Link. Link found Zelda’s room after what seemed Like forever. Link knocked on Zelda’s door. The door flew open. He was surprised at what he saw, there was a guard standing in the door way. “What the fuck are you doing here” asked Link. “You got fired, the king thinks that you don’t do your job right” replied the guard. “What! How do I not do might job right” asked Link about to loose his temper. “Playing the ocarina? Does that sound like doing your job” replied the guard. “How do you do your job” asked Link. “Well let me see… I stand guard like I should” said the guard in a “dah” sorta voice. The guard slammed the door in Link’s face. Link turned around and punched the wall in frustration. “What did you do” asked Zelda as the guard went back to his spot in the corner of her room. “I told him that he got fired” replied the guard simply. “Well you must have done more than that. Did you hear him punch the wall? You pissed him off bad if he did that” yelled Zelda. “No I didn’t” replied the guard. Zelda opened her door and stomped out. She noticed that one of the paintings had fallen so she quickly set it back on the nail it was hanging on. “Link! Wait” called Zelda. Link turned his head. “Oh hey Zelda” replied Link. “What’s the matter Link, you don’t look so good” asked Zelda. “No it’s ok I don’t want to trouble you with my problems” replied Link as he began walking back down the hall. “Hey! I’m the princess and I want to know” yelled Zelda.
Link turned around and started walking back towards Zelda. “Well if I must. I don’t have any money. I have nothing to eat and I just got fired so that didn’t help me out at all” replied Link. “Link why didn’t you just say so” asked Zelda. “I’m the princess do you have any idea how much money I have”. “No. how much” asked Link. “Well I don’t know but way more than I need” replied Zelda. “If you need some money just ask me” reassured Zelda. “I appreciate the offer but I want to try and figure out how to make my self happy. I don’t just want to take money from someone” said Link. “Well actually can I just have enough for a burrito or something” asked Link. “yah shure” said Zelda as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a purple rupee. “That’s enough money for 10 burritos” said Link. “I know” said Zelda as she forced Link to take the money. Link carefully placed his gift into his pocket. “Thank you so much” said Link. “No problem, that isn’t very much money anyway” replied Zelda. Link gave Zelda a brief hug and left the castle. “I can’t believe I got fired” thought Link. Link walked past all the guards outside the castle and went out the main gate. Link walked into the market and thought of what he should buy with his money. “Well I can’t buy food yet, but what about a hotel” thought Link. Link walked into a hotel that was to his left. “Excuse me, how much money does it cost to stay for a night” asked Link as he walked up to the front desk. “5 rupees” answered the woman standing behind the desk. Link pulled out his purple rupee and then handed it to the woman. “so you aren’t going to sneak in the window this time” asked the woman. “No, of course not” answered Link. “Well here’s your change” said the woman as she handed Link 2 red rupees and a blue one. “Thanks” called Link as he walked down the hall to his room. “Ok so room 31” said think. “here it is” said Link as he unlocked the room. “This is beautiful” thought Link as he felt the pillows and jumped on the couch. The room was pretty small but kind of cozy, it had a small bed with white sheets and blankets. There was a small stove that Link had no idea how to use and wasn’t going to try. A lamp was next to the bed. Link took off his shirt and jumped onto the bed. “This is the comfiest bed I’ve ever been in” thought Link. “Well almost. Zelda’s is way better”. Link took the rubber band out of his hair and put it on a shelf on the other side of the bed. Link explored his room a little more and found a piece of paper. It said “Any one who is staying the night can take a free bath. Or can swim in our 60 foot swimming pool.” Link threw the piece of paper and ran out the door. He asked the clerk were the swimming pool was. “Its down the hall and to the left” she said. Link ran down the hall and turned left. There it was, a huge swimming pool that was unoccupied. Link didn’t stop to look but just kept running. He jumped and curled into a ball. SPLASH! Link was in the pool and swimming on his back. “Now this IS the way to live” said Link. Link swam around for hours. When he finished his dried of with a towel he found on the ground and walked back to his room to sleep in a bed for the first time in years.

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