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Link opened the final door in Ganons tower and walked into the room. There was a faint pink light. Link looked up to see Zelda in a pink crystal that Ganondorf had formed. He pulled out the Master sword and readied his shield. “ So you have made it to the top of my tower” growled Ganondorf. “ Yah you know that was a really brilliant idea, 6 barriers that disappear after I solve a simple puzzle” chuckled Link. Ganondorf reacted to this by picking up his organ and throwing it at Link. Link quickly raised his shield, when the huge organ reached him he let it fall until it was right on top of his shield, then he used all of his strength to push up and throw the organ behind him. By the time he was finished doing that Ganondorf was in his face. “ To slow” yelled Ganondorf as he blasted Link in the back with a ball of electricity. Link screamed out in pain. He fell to the ground and began to cry. “ You know, I think it’s rather odd that you defeated all of my army in less than a year but you don’t seem to be able to last 2 minutes in a fight with me” said Ganondorf as he kicked Link in the gut. Link flew across the room and smashed out one of the stain glass windows. Ganondorf swiftly flew over to the hole in the wall. “ Stupid ki..” he couldn’t finish his sentence, Link bashed him in the face as he hookshot onto the roof. “ HOWS THAT FOR YAH, YOU OVERGROWN ASS” screamed Link in triumph. “ Damn he’s good” muttered Ganondorf. Ganondorf stood up and rubbed his head. Ganondorf charged a blast, he threw it in front of his feat. It made a bright flash. The light faded… but Ganondorf wasn’t there. “ Were the fuck did he go” muttered Link. Link felt a large hand grab his neck. Ganondorf picked him up and walked slowly over to the broken window Link had fallen through. “ I’m gonna slice you in half” said Ganondorf. Link tried to talk but Ganondorf’s grip was so tight he couldn’t get out any words. They reached the shattered window. Ganondorf raised the arm that Link was in. Then he grabbed Link by the feet and slammed his on the jagged edges. Glass tore through Links mid section and ripped holes in his back. Link was bleeding heavily, blood was poring out his stomach. Ganondorf gripped Link’s feet again then yanked him. The glass that was in Links stomach broke off were they had been and sank deeper into Link’s gut. Ganondorfs triforce piece began to glow. Link and Zelda’s did the same. The pieces floated off their hands and formed into one. “ T-the triforce” whispered Ganondorf. The Triforce began to glow brighter than ever. It started to flicker, then it exploded. The three goddesses floated in its place. They raised there arms and bright lights began flowing from there hands. The light found its way over to Link and Zelda. When the light was at Zelda the crystal prison Ganondorf had made shattered. Zelda floated down slowly. The light forced Link and Zelda together. When they were next to each other a blinding light flashed. When it was seeable again Ganondorf looked at the spot were Link and Zelda had stood. Instead of seeing two separate people there was only one. The Master sword looked much different. It had a blue handle with a red blade, The handle was glowing light blue, and the blade was glowing bright red. The body glowed green. When the person spoke it sounded not like Link or Zelda but a mix of two voices. “ Hey Link how bout we call ourselves Zlink” Said the Zelda half of the personality. “ Sure” said the Link half. “ What do say we take our Sheika form” said Zlink as he/she transformed into a sheika. Zlink in his/her new form was much faster. He/she drew the master sword and pointed it at Ganondorf. Zlink charged at Ganondorf. Ganondorf was way to slow and was hit square in the forehead. His head slowing fell apart. Zlink kicked him out the window and stretched. “ Hey Zel how the hell are we supposed to get out of this body”

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