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Inside the great Deku tree

Link could only see inches ahead of himself as the darkness flooded his eyes.Navi lit up the steps link would take so as he would not collide with danger un-knowingly.The air was humid and stagnent,Link could feel himself pass through a cobweb occasionally and he was careful to hold his breath so as not to inhale spiders or their prey.Link then heard several chirpings like those of a cricket but much more low pitched and as he starred at the continual darkness sometimes seeing blue lights rush by areas inaccessible to him.For some time he stumbled asthough he were blind untill for the first time within this place Navi illuminated a wall.Link could see it was brown with streeks of jade.As he stepped away from the wall he almost stepped into a deep pit lidded with a net-like cobweb.Link through a dekunut to see if it was firm enough to stand upon,the dekunut stuck and for a moment Link considered climbing upon it himself but before he had taken a single step a huge spider with blond furred legs and a shell upon its back shaped like a skull skuttled over, its sharp teeth efortlessly cracking the nut open and feasting on the inards.Link stepped backward in shock and fell on his back.He hastily got up ignoring if Navi was following him.He found a wall and collapsed his weight upon it breathless with releif."Link!" a voice shouted.Link let out a scream but found the caller to be Navi."Don't scream." she warned him."You might wake something".Link felt the wall upon wich he was resting it had a coarse exterior."Look at this wall Link.The vines growing on it give it a rough surface,maybe you can climb it ,Link."Link tugged at the vines to see if they would hold.As he did so countless insects sprayed the floor.He began to climb it insects tickling his fingers as he pulled himself upward.When he reached the top he could feel a branch like ledge that he pulled himself on to.He begen rapidly shacking off the creatures that now covered his body.He starred at his fingernails,they were bloated with dirt and dying woodlice that twiched disgustingly.He had only a moment to fathom this when the chirp sounded once more.

*This is much shorter than the full chapter but I'm going for a style that is detailed, true to the game and hopefully remains enjoyable to read*

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