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A drop of water almost appeared out of thin air and fell onto a desolate street. It was actually discovered that a raindrop did fall from thin air, or, at least, the dark and gloomy clouds of course.

And that was the mood of this day, not only dark and dreary, but full of pain and destruction. A fire was set to one of the houses of castle town, and spreading to others. People fruitlessly tried to put the fire out in vain, for it all seemed at no hope. A crackle of lightning filled the sky at their hopelessness.

As this great tyranny, another had started, for those in black barged into houses, stealing every last bit of money and shedding the blood of the owners. Soldiers were sent out to try and stop them, but they easily escaped or killed. A wrath they were, for no one could stop them.

A simple mother could especially never survive their attacks.

The door broke down at the one house. Inside a startled woman, with blonde hair in braids and panicking blue eyes gasped in horror as a man dressed entirely in black walked into the room.

The woman took a step back as the man grinned.

“Give me everything that’s not a piece of junk around here!”

The woman took out her money and held it out for him. He snatched it evilly and counted it.

“This isn’t all you have, is it?”

The woman sobbed. “Take anything that you desire, just please do not hurt a soul in this house. I beg of you.”

The man chuckled. “You and your pathetic roommates will die anyway. Even if I don’t kill you, I won’t let you out of the house, which will burn soon enough from the other fires.”

The woman gasped again. “Please! Don’t let me stay here! Don’t let him stay here!”

The man’s curiosity piqued. “Him?”

The woman bit her lip. “My baby… Please don’t let him die! Please! I’ll do anything.”

The woman took out a small boy out of the crib. He was asleep as if nothing was wrong. The woman showed the man her baby.

“Please don’t let him die.”

The man frowned. He then snatched the baby out of her hands. The woman was mortally shocked and froze. The man walked out of the house, deciding to keep it. He slammed the door shut. Pretty soon, the woman could hear a large piece of wood slam against the door, which mean she was obviously locked in. There to die…

Yet she didn’t seem to notice that right now. Instead she still dwelled on the man taking her baby away from her. She stood there, until her house burned down along with herself.

Hoang picked up the baby after he threw the large board on her door. He grinned evilly and picked up the baby. He finally looked at the boy, who seemed so peaceful and unknowing his mother’s death.

He walked through the pouring rain, trying not to wake the boy, for he did not want a crying baby on his hands.

He exited the castle town, smiling to see that if he had a baby, the soldiers would think he was on a rescue mission. How foolish were they…

He walked over to Kakariko Village and climbed down the dry well. He walked through the tunnel.

After walking through the almost impenetrable darkness, he saw a small purple light. A man stood there, never revealing his appearance. A few other men were there with battle scars all over their faces. They seemed wild and fierce in the eyes. The man finally spoke up.

“Phoenix, I never asked for a child.”

Hoang shifted slightly. “I know.” He dropped a large sack that was full of stolen money and jewels.

“This is what I got out of the fools. I was also hoping that we could train the boy to steal like us, boss. If, that’s okay with you.”

The boss of Hoang turned around. The man revealed his extremely scarred face. His eyes were totally black as was his hair and clothes. His skin was a pale gray as he walked up to Hoang and examined the baby.

“I sense a great talent of the sword,” he then made a face of disgust. “And justice.”

Hoang frowned. “Someone can teach the boy.”

One of then men snorted. “Hoang, you brought the boy, you should teach him. Don’t put the burden on us.”

Hoang growled. “Quiet Baeddan!”

The boss frowned. “I think boar has a point though. You brought him here phoenix. Surely you didn’t possibly think that you did everything in your power already.”

Hoang bit his lip. “I’m no father or teacher boss. You said yourself that the boy has talent in the sword.”

The boss nodded. “I believe you can become one though. Either raise the boy or throw him into the graveyard for the Poes to steal his soul. Although I would be more happier for the second one, it is your choice.”

Hoang sighed. “Fine, I’ll raise the boy.”

“Good,” the boss said, tuning around again. “Now that that debate is over, I’m curious to know what we’ll name him.”

“How about Colin?” said one of the men. The rest of them chuckled excluding Hoang and the boss.

“Shut it Dov,” Hoang growled.

“It will not be Colin, for that is an insulting name,” the boss said. “I am regretting that I ever taught you that Colin is a name that means childish. So no, bear, it will not be Colin.”

Hoang frowned. What would the boss have in mind? An elderly man spoke up suddenly.

“Check for something that might show the boy’s name. We might as well call him by that.”

Hoang handed the boy to the boss. The boss examined the boy once more, looking through the thick blankets until his pale fingers fell upon a golden chain along his neck. He removed it from the boy’s neck to see a name carved in the piece of gold hanging from the chain.

“Hmm… It says here that this boy’s name is Link,” the boss replied. “An odd name I confess, but we’ll name him that, for that you will call him, as I call him raven…”

The boss handed Link back to Hoang. “Now lets get back onto business…”

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