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Laughter entered the dark starry night. The gardens outside of Hyrule Castle spread across and only two entered it.

One of them was a girl. Her blonde hair flowed as her violet eyes looked upon a man. Her dress flowed in the warm breeze.

The man, simple brown hair and caring eyes, looked around and removed a paintbrush from behind his ear. He took out a drawing pad and a set of paints.

“This will be perfect Zelda,” said the man. “Just stand by that tree.”

Zelda made a nice pose near the tree that the man pointed out and covered her heart, looking dreamy towards the man.

“Winchel, don’t make me look ugly,” she said. Winchel chuckled.

“That’s totally impossible! Even a simple child’s scribbles of you would be beautiful.”

She giggled. She smiled and reformed her pose. Winchel dipped his paintbrush in paints and started to paint a picture of Zelda.

“This night is perfect for you,” Winchel smiled. “Now if only I could make that sparkle of your hair and eyes.”

Zelda became impatient; getting excited to see his painting.

“You don’t have to work that hard on making it all perfect,” Zelda replied. “Even though I can’t wait to see it!”

Winchel chuckled. “It wouldn’t look like you if it weren’t perfect. I’m almost done.”

Zelda smiled at the comment. Winchel was such an artistic person. He knew all the poetry that ever came out. He was a wonderful artist. He taught Zelda how to play the harp, the ocarina, the violin, and many other instruments available in the castle.

Winchel always made Zelda happy, whether it was he just being there with her, or giving her wise advice, or just telling her to be confident in herself. He was the perfect prince for her, his mind always on the artistic ways of his life and hers, not the power he could have if he married her.

“Done,” Winchel said, breaking Zelda out of her thoughts about Winchel. She rushed over excitedly like a dog getting a treat.

Zelda gazed at the beautiful picture. It was a perfect and realistic drawing of herself. The moon could be seen and she was standing by a tree, her almost alive eyes full of love and lust. Her hair and eyes sparkled like stars in the sky, and white doves were seen flying over her.

“Do I really look that fat?” Zelda said jokingly. Winchel laughed.

“Zelda I don’t care if you wore a tight dress after you ate five pancakes this morning.”

Zelda laughed at this. She did eat five pancakes because she never had dinner last night, and went out with Winchel instead.

Winchel came closer to Zelda and she went forward with a kiss. They shared this wonderful bond, feelings of love being pushed to the other.

After what seemed like an hour, Winchel and Zelda pushed back. Winchel smiled.

“I love you,” Winchel said. Zelda almost cried with joy.

“I love you, too,” Zelda replied sweetly. Winchel was about to lean forwards again, but a sudden grunt stopped him. He looked down and spat blood. Zelda watched in horror and confusion.

He looked up again with the most horrified eyes, full of total pain. Zelda became confused and froze in horror.

Winchel sank down to the ground as the sound of metal being pushed out from flesh entered the air. Blood flowed down his back.

As Winchel fell, he revealed the presence of a man dressed in black. He grinned a half toothless grin.

“Hullo Princess,” he chuckled insanely. Zelda took a step back in terror.

Two others joined him showing themselves. Zelda figured what they wanted and dashed away, her high-heeled shoes being left behind.

They chased after her. Zelda rushed out of the gates, finding that the guards were suddenly dead. She knew she couldn’t run into the castle, for the madmen blocked her.

Zelda rushed into the dark city, hoping that someone would help her.

“Help!” she screamed and repeated over and over again, in panic, knowing that the men were not too far behind her.

She reached a turn in the alleyway, only to find one of the men blocking her way as the other could be heard behind her.

Zelda turned to a corner to regret it. She was immediately met with three walls around her. She was trapped.

Two men blocked her way with sadistic smiles as one of them walked towards her. Zelda, horrified, stepped back to meet the wall that blocked her escape.

She knew the only way to stop this from happening was to fight back. She lifted her foot and tried to kick him, only to find his hands around her ankle.

He suddenly twisted it in an odd way, making a crack in her bone. Zelda screamed in pain and sank to the ground, unable to move any part of her body. Tears leaked down her face as the man kneeled down with a glint of evil in his eyes.

Zelda soon notice that he was ripping her dress, revealing only a bra and underwear to protect her. The useless dress was thrown away into a puddle of mud, unable to be used again.

This was it. Zelda wished she could just take the knife from his belt and kill herself, or protect herself from this man, yet she couldn’t move. It was too painful to move, and she forced herself not to faint, for some reason.

But before the man could reach his face towards hers, he turned around to see someone fighting off his other men.

“What’re you doing? He’s just a kid!” he growled.

Zelda could smell the scent of blood once again. She weakly turned her head to see someone fighting off the men. A dagger with emeralds encrusted in glowed in his hand, as he stabbed the men in the heart, leaving it there in the last dead person who tried to rape her.

He walked up to Zelda, his eyes full of worry and pity. She kneeled down and examined her leg, not caring or surprised that she was half-naked.

Zelda couldn’t get anymore thankful that whoever this man was, saved her and her dignity. She didn’t know how she would repay him. He looked suddenly into her eyes. She almost became lost in those eyes of the ocean.

“I’m going to have to set the bone back in place,” the man said. Zelda nodded weakly.

“This is going to hurt,” he warned. Zelda bit her lip, ready for the pain to come. He gently grabbed her leg and made a pop with the bone. Zelda screamed. He was right. It did hurt. So much that she fainted right there…

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