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In the dense, dense forest, which spreads in the east of the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Kokiri Forest, there exists a tribe of Kokiri inhabiting the area. The strange and wonderful thing about this tribe is that they forever remain children, never taking the form of an adult. Each of the Kokiri that inhabits this magical forest possesses his or her own fairy, which serves as a guardian and a friend to their owner. However, for some reason there is one boy who doesn’t have his own fairy, and his name is Link. On this beautiful sunny day the Great Deku Tree, the Kokiri’s guardian spirit, was telling the Kokiri a story; the story of creation. But of all the children congregated around the tree, a few were missing.

‘Once upon a time, far, far away…’ the Deku Tree started, ‘Hyrule hadn’t yet any shape. It is said that three goddesses descended upon this earth…’

And it was at this moment that Link, still in his house in the village, woke from his slumber. He stood up, stretching his arms behind his back as far as they could go and stepped to his door, but stopping to take a look below. He saw no one. Odd, he thought. But then it hit him like a slap of a hand: the Great Deku Tree’s story was today. With a run up he soared out of his door and landed with a quick recovering roll below. Am I too late? He sprinted off down the path between the trees the Kokiri used as houses and into the tree line. Dodging the few branches and weaving between the couple of trees he continued through the forest heading for the Deku Tree’s glade.

The Deku tree, continuing his story, said: ‘One was Din, who created the red earth with her fiery hands…’

All the while Link dashed along the forest floor toward where the rest of his kin were.

‘Another was Nayru, whose wisdom gave law to the world…’

Link crashed through a fragile tree, snapping a few branches on the way.

‘And the other one was…’

Link, now almost within sight of the glade, was abruptly stopped by a Kokiri whom he knew quite well. Mido, the leader of the Kokiri stood in front of him with a smug smile on his face that Link just wanted to pound.

‘Whoa, hold on,’ Mido said, holding a hand out, ‘You can’t go beyond here.’

‘Whatever, Mido. I can go wherever I want,’ Link said in retaliation.

‘No you can’t! Look, I’m the boss of the Kokiri, OK? A half-person like you is way too childish to hear the Great Deku Tree’s story!’

‘That has nothing to do with it!’ Link said with a snarl, offended. ‘Get out of the way!

‘If you wanna pass,’ Mido continued, pushing his face right up against Link’s, ‘then get your own fairy first!’

Link was too frustrated to argue any more, so he simply dived on Mido, wrestling him until Mido’s leg was bent in an awkward way, causing him to scream in agony.

‘Let me go!’ Mido yelled loudly.

‘The next time you call me a half-person I’ll-’

Out of nowhere Mido’s fairy swooped down on Link at a tremendous speed, making contact with his head and knocking him off Mido’s writhing body into a small pond next to them. His body was soaked, and his wet, blonde hair hung down over his eyes.

‘That’s not fair!’ Link said.

‘What’s unfair about it?’ Mido said with the same smug smile. ‘Fairies are a part of the Kokiri. She’s equal to me.’

Having completely forgotten about the Deku Tree’s story, it came as a big shock when a booming voice called to them from the glade now behind them.

‘Hey! What are you two doing over there?’

‘Fairy-less!’ Mido said with a snort before running back to the village.

Link sighed and climbed out of the pond. Dripping water he trudged down to the glade that was now empty at the conclusion of the Deku Tree’s story. With another sigh he sat on the lowest of the Deku Tree’s roots and held his chin in his hands.

‘Never-mind what Mido says, Link,’ the Deku Tree said comfortingly.

‘Great Deku Tree?’ Link said, ‘How come I’m the only one who’s different from everyone else?’

‘When the time comes, I will tell you.’

Link sighed again.

‘Link!’ a female voice called from the tree line.

‘Saria!’ he said, relieved that his best friend was here.

Out from the trees emerged another Kokiri, a girl, with green hair and also wearing a green tunic. Saria was Link’s best friend in the world; there was nothing he couldn’t share with her. He ran up to the trees to meet her.

‘I was looking for you,’ she told him, ‘where were you for the story?’

‘Never mind that,’ Link said, brushing away the question, ‘I want to show you something!’

‘What is it?’

Down at his belt was a Y-shaped stick, carved smoothly with some cloth wrapped around the base for grip and a string attached to each arm of the sick.

‘Ta-dah! It’s a slingshot, and I made it!’ Link said, quite proud of his creation.

‘But why did you make it?’

‘Well, so I can… so I can knock the best fruit in the trees I can’t reach. Look at this!’

He took Saria into the forest a bit until, and from a small pouch in his belt, he took a little seed and, cocking it in the string, he fired it at an apple in a tree. A little “snap” and the apple fell cleanly to the ground.

‘Wow!’ Saria cried out. ‘Let me try next!’

Link handed the slingshot over to his friend, who took a seed and fired it at another apple, which fell to the ground just a smoothly.

‘You’re really wonderful to think of these things, Link,’ she said while Link took aim at another apple.

‘Maybe that’s why no fairy will come to me…’ he supposed, taking the seed from the string at putting it back. ‘I guess it’s because I’m strange after all.’

‘That’s not true!’ Saria exclaimed immediately. ‘Even if you don’t have a fairy, you’re still my very best friend, Link.’

Link smiled at her, thankful for the kind comment and thankful to have such a good friend.

‘Oh,’ Link said as an afterthought, ‘I’ve been having the same dream lately. The sky becomes pitch black, I’m standing in front of a huge house with a peaked roof…’

‘…Could that be a castle?’ Saria asked.

‘Castle? What’s that? Is it something in the forest?’

‘Well,’ Saria explained, ‘as the Great Deku Tree has told us, they exist far away from the Kokiri forest and beyond the plains. It’s said that the world is very big and that there are many different lands in it…’

‘The world…’ Link said dreamily to himself.


That night Link was lying in his bed with a thin sheet draped loosely over his body. He was wide-awake and after hours of tossing and turning he was sweaty. His conversation with Saria earlier that day stuck in his head as clearly as if it had happened only a second earlier. The concept of a world outside the forest fascinated him, so much so that it was keeping him from sleeping. What is this “wide world”? There is surely something outside the forest I just don’t know of yet. I wonder if the Great Deku Tree would forgive me if I told him I wanted to go outside the forest? I guess I better not… With that thought his eyes finally started to grow heavy and eventually close, allowing him to get some sleep at last. But at this time, unbeknown to Link, impenetrably dark clouds began to seep through the forest and eat away at its tranquillity. The clouds then descended into the village where all the Kokiri were deep in their sleep, and from the edge of the village, through the black clouds, a single shining eye flittered its gaze around the village, laughing to itself very silently.

And under the cover of the black clouds it moved through the village into the glade where the Deku Tree stood. Dozens of fairies fluttered into view from the leaves of the Deku Tree and hovered around the thing that had entered the glade.

‘Who are you?’ the Deku Tree ordered.

‘It is evil!’ many fairies whispered silently to the Deku Tree. ‘It is allies with evil!

‘The Deku Tree will not forgive those who have entered this forest and are allies with evil!’

But the thing did not take heed of those words; instead leaping onto the face of the Deku Tree, and, with claws incredibly sharp, ripped massive strips of bark from the Tree’s trunk, until it could enter it. The fairies raced around the Deku Tree in alarm, and some entered the hole the creature had gone onto, but they did not return.

One fairy did not panic, though, but remained calm and tried to help.

‘Great Deku Tree?’ the fairy said.

‘Is that Navi?’ the Deku Tree asked. ‘Just now an evil creature has entered inside of me. I’m losing my freedom!’

‘Great Deku Tree, what should I do?’

‘The forest is in danger! Go to the fairy-less child… and invite him here. Go, Navi!’

No sooner than when the Deku Tree said, it Navi was off, speedily fluttering her wings as fast as they would let her. Above the trees she searched out the village and found the house she was looking for. Ignoring Mido, who was standing under the ladder, she flew in through the open doorway and hovered above the sleeping form of Link.

‘Link! Link!’ Navi shouted, as loudly as her petite form would let her.

Link’s eyes shot open upon being startled, but he took a few seconds to rub his eyes and wake up before he spotted the fairy floating above the middle of the room.

‘Come on, Link!’ she shouted again. ‘Get up right now!’


‘I’m Navi, the Great Deku Tree sent me.’

‘A… fairy!?’ he said in disbelief. ‘Alright! Finally a fairy has come to me!’

Link, in his excitement, reached out to cup Navi in his hands, but the fairy swerved and angrily flew around Link.

‘We have to hurry!’ Navi said again.

‘Now I can bost to Mido!’ he said to himself.

‘No! We haven’t got time!’

Link took a run at his door and leapt of the balcony to the ground and into the dark of night. Unfortunately it was where Mido, who was still wondering why a fairy flew through Link’s door, was standing,

‘Mido?’ Link asked. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Very important business! Now get off!’ Mido commanded, his voice strained due to Link sitting on his back.

‘The grass is withering,’ Link noticed, seeing a tuft bathed in light from Navi’s glowing body.

‘The trees are too!’ Mido commented, standing up. ‘I don’t think this has ever happened before!

‘It’s because something evil has entered the forest!’ Navi said, startling both of them. ‘The Great Deku Tree is in trouble! Link, hurry up and go!’

Finally getting the message, Link followed Navi, who was now floating ahead of him to lead the way through the darkness and into the glade, while Mido followed.

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