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Penname: Hyperlink [Contact] Real name: Chad
Member Since: May 29, 2004
Big but unfortunately rather closet fan of Zelda and Animu-type pastimes, which includes fanfiction. While I can no longer contend all my top favorite websites are Zelda-related, I blame this in part on how these days fanfare-based websites that aren't wiki-resources are incredibly hard to find. In such regards, remains as my last Bookmarked Zelda-related website while also ranking as one of my oldest favorite websites on top of my favorite fan-submitting site. This of course stands in direct contradiction to my incredible lacking of presence here over the last few years, something I hope to rekindle in this unluckiest of years. Lastly, I am planning on rebooting my pet-project fan fiction story, so on the odd circumstance you have read parts of it before, said parts may end up overwritten and thus require a fresh rereading. Never the less, it will be finished, in one form or another. Have a good day.
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