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Penname: dekudiva [Contact] Real name: Erin
Member Since: Feb 09, 2005
Hello! I'm Erin. I own a Nintendo 64(actually, I technically have two), a Gamecube, a Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, and a Nintendo Wii. My favorite game series is, obviously, Zelda. I also play (obsessively) Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon, and the Sims. I probably play more video games than necessary, but I also avidly read and write. My favourite book series are: Dragonlance (by the original authors) and Pendragon. I do well in school but am notorious for forgetting to do my homework.
* * *

Finally, I am done Lilies on the Waves. Now, my goal is to write Buds Beneath the Snow, the third and final in the trilogy.
* * *

Sigh...'tis the season of school work. I'm serious, I have four major projects to do before Christmas. Plus Christmas shopping and other activities, it's putting a major dent on my work. However, I'm the swing of writing right now, so I'm going to take advantage of it.

*If you have questions, comments, suggestions for this part please either a) leave me a review, b) send me a private message on the Message Board, or c) e-mail me at A warning, I'm not very prompt at returning PMs.
* * *
The next chapter is started and very much on its way. I've now posted the rewritten version of chapter 1 of PITB on It's rated T, but on the PG-13 side, so its about the same. Feel free to check; I'm adding all kinds of new stuff to the rewritten version.
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