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Penname: zeldafanchick2005 [Contact] Real name: Ayuma
Member Since: Apr 29, 2005
Website: none
I'm a pretty regular Japanese-American girl with an obsession over Zelda, anime, and the kick-arse band Evanescence. I was actually lucky enough to get an mp3 player, and then was able to get OOT OST. there were like 81 songs on that sucka! I also have FFX2 OST: international+last mission, and random songs from mainly inuyasha, kenshin, azumanga, and JPOP up tha friggin wazoo!!
other than that, I am fifteen years old and live in maryville tennessee. I love to draw anime, write songs, and write stories! I am currently working on an original book around 400 pages long entitled "Moonstone". I will post it somewhere when it is a little more complete.
domo-arigatou min'na-chan!!

Age: 15

Likes:see above list

Dislikes:loud, annoying poeple, preps, the colour pink, depressing stories that stay that way; depressing. I prefer the depressing stories that bounce back to happy endingat the end, depending on the people it is about.

occupation: uh...unoccupied other than the occasional show that my band, Driven X, puts on at a local bar.

*update* my band has dropped the name 'driven x' and we are now called ChainLink. Our demo's name is gonna be Metal Chains and Rainy Days. Better right?

*update* sorry I havent been on in a couple months. been traveling with my family, plus i bin grounded. go fig.
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