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Penname: lightofdin64 [Contact] Real name: noelle
Member Since: Jun 10, 2005
Website: n/a
hey there, out there, whatever...i'm noelle, i'm ageless, i claim no home. i love rock. dead kennedys, nirvana, linkin park, def leppard, pink floyd, rammstein, led zeppelin, avenged sevenfold, my chemical romance, depeche mode, soundgarden, sex pistols, marilyn manson, metallica, ac/dc, nine inch nails, etc. i also like missy elliot, ice-t, and eve. i'm a teenager, i'm in 8th grade and i plan to be a writer. i'm an artist too, but i don't really feel like submitting my pictures because i'm lazy. i have a friend who has tons of food in his house. why then does this friend of mine come over and raid MY fridge? i'm going to yell at my friend. then take my dad's lighter and burn all of the CD's he's got. my fave movies are harry potter (dan radcliffe and rupert grint are HOT), empire records, underworld, jay and silent bob strike back, white chicks, soul plane, bend it like beckham, dodgeball, i robot, resident evil 1 & 2, blade 1 & 2 (i didn't really like the third one too much), the art of war, and blazing saddles. i also like to watch crank yankers. but my mom won't let me watch it. so i watch it anyway. haha. my fave animes: gravitation, neon genesis evangelion, noir, all the CLAMP series, witch hunter robin, saiyuki (gojyo hakkai and sanzo are MEGA HOT), gungrave overdose and trigun (Vash is SUPER HOT). I plan to get my hair straightened and streaked with red, i wear glasses, i'm sort of overweight (which is cool, so i can make fun of all the skinny bitches with the cliques and matching clothes), i have tons of friends, i don't have a boyfriend and would like to wait for 9th grade to have one, most of my friends are guys because its easier sometimes to get along with guys than girls, i hate walking from the new wing of my school to the old one because it takes too long, i'm a half goth because i believe in Jesus but then i wear all black, cuss a lot, and like to flip off people who offend me (j.k) and one of my friends is my former Language Arts teacher who is in his late thirties but he looks twenty something, and i hate poseurs and pop music. and i think 50 cent needs to check hisself bcuz he is old and out and no one cares 4 him anymore.

-from lightofdin64, aka fallacious, bka noelle
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