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Penname: Xelloss [Contact] Real name:
Member Since: Jun 15, 2008
I'm 15 years old, i have been a Zelda fan since the age of 3. I love to draw and write fanfics, and have mastered the art of talking like a certain little faerie from Ocarina of Time. Don't ask.

I'm addicted to the game, my friends even call me Sheik. Don't ask again, let's just say I'm quiet and don't like to make sense.

I probably set the world record for being the fastest person to memorize every single Zelda game inside and out.

Strangely enough, i love to sing, and have a semi-decent voice.

Facts you may want to know about me...!
1. I am not a satanist.
2. I like to yell at video games
3. I poke fun at reality
4. I'm 99.9% insane
5. I adore the Slayers series, hence my Penname
6. I'm an Illustrator for a book series called the Firescroll, you can find that at
7. I AM A GIRL!!!
8. I'm not Spanish, I look Spanish, but I'm 100% white. My grams if from Ireland for god sakes!
9. I'm Goth to the extreme, used to be Emo, but my parents sent me to therapy. Scary place.
10. I have been to Juvi. I think that explains a lot don't it?
11. I have knocked my older sister out with a frying pan when she didn't let me play Zelda.
12. If you ever want to contact me, call me either Xelloss, or Sheik, if not, i'll probably just block you.
13. I'm a major hacker, but don't worry, i only hack sites that I don't like.
14. I love to talk and if you're not careful, i may actually start making sense. That's when you run.
15. I can't spell to save my life.
16. I hate preps. Sorry u people, i just don't they scare me.
17. i'm easily entertained and even more easily confused.
18. I like big words, but sometimes don't know what i'm saying.
19. I easily lose my train of thought...there it went.
20. I'm very violent, i study sword fighting, martial arts, and 3 different competing sports, including Softball, Horseback riding, and Babysitting (Don't listen to anyone else, babysitting is a very dangerous sport, you could die!) JK!

Favorite quote: "I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity." Edgar Allen Poe

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