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Penname: zeldafan [Contact] Real name: Allysa
Member Since: Jul 22, 2004
Um I'm 14 years old, I love to draw anime and monsters, love to do chores(depending on my mood) play with my friends, especially love shopping at the mall!! I love to collect manga books, i got about 36 so far..and yeah i love music!! MUSIC IS MY LIFE!! If there wasn"t any music i wouldnt i like to play sports mostly basketball. I love to walk and run around the park and stuff. IM A BIG ZELDAFANATIC! Zelda seems like a great adventure game ever! My fav. character is Link, yeah hes such a hunk! (giggles) anyway i mostly love my whole family!!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!
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Keeping The Faith by zeldafan Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstar [Reviews - 28]
Summary: Nine years had passed after the defeat of Ganondorf which was saved long ago by a courageous Hylian, he never gave up hope for his people...even the world. But in this story Link hears voices and has nightmares every time telling him to choose a fate... but for what? Will Link find out what it all means? Will he save his lover, Zelda? Here it begins a new legend... (Well yeah this is my first story that I had ever posted on a web, weird huh? Anywway I hope it won’t be too boring...but I bet it will be better in the middle I guess.Please don't be hard on me if it's not good to you, it's my 1st time here posting, and please review. Thanks...)

[ Categories: Fan Fiction | Characters: Zelda, Link (OoT & MM), Impa ]
[ Genres: None | Warnings: None ]
[ Chapters: 2 | Completed: No | Word count: 3083 ]

Published: Jul 22, 2004 | Updated: Jul 22, 2004

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