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Penname: Shrub [Contact] Real name: Jessica
Member Since: Sep 10, 2004
Hello, this is Shrub speaking. My first fan fiction is called The Legend of Zelda: Empire of Darkness and it starts off when Link finally returns to Hyrule after Majora's Mask seven years later. Link finds his home has been turned into a nightmare. Does this look interesting? If so, please read it and send in a review so I can know if there's somethings I need to work on or if you just liked it. I would also like to know what you liked about it. Thank you.
Beta-reader: Yes

The Legend of Zelda: Empire of Darkness by Shrub Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstar [Reviews - 1428]
Summary: Link returns home seven years later after he defeated Majora. Link wasn't expecting anything wrong about his old home, but he was brought to a rude awakening. Link is now handed his most overwhelming challenge he has ever faced. Link and his friends begin their struggle against the Drow Empire and themselves. New enemies and friends await our hero, but as he fights the dark empire his sanity slowly begins to slip through his fingers.
Warning: May contain some violence, adult language, and sexual situations.

[ Categories: Fan Fiction | Characters: Darunia, Impa, Link (OoT & MM), Malon, Nabooru, Princess Zelda, Ruto, Saria ]
[ Genres: None | Warnings: None ]
[ Chapters: 3 | Completed: No | Word count: 21145 ]

Published: Sep 10, 2004 | Updated: May 23, 2009

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